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The USS Helena was a Federation Defiant-class escort/destroyer starship in Starfleet service in the 24th century. This ship was in active service around the 2370s decade. (TNG video games: Armada, Armada II)

No specific history or definitive final fate was established for this vessel as its name was selected for a destroyer by the Armada I and II game developers, and is placed randomly each time the ship appears. The ship may be named for several people and places of Earth history that were called Helena.
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The USS Helena (NCC-80455) was a Federation Starfleet Renaissance-II-class starship in service during the 24th century. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier; Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles)


After her shakedown cruise in 2382, the Helena was assigned to Captain Tolian Naros's command by Admiral Ian Quincy Knapp. Captain Elizabeth Shelby oversaw her commissioning ceremony at Deep Space 12. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: "Her Battle Lanterns Lit")

Under Naros's command, the Helena played a pivotal role in the Battle of Tren'La, launching several Horta at the Tren'La tetrahedron. The Horta disabled the tetrahedron, causing the tide to be turned against Siroc. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: "Heavy Losses")

During the second part of the Battle of Tren'La, the Helena served as lead ship in an attack on a Tholian base in the Centris system. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: "Heavy Losses")

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