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For the mirror universe counterpart of the Farragut, please see the ISS Farragut.

The USS Farragut (NCC-1647, sometimes referred to as NCC-1702) was a Federation Constitution-class (mk I/mk-IX) class I/class XI heavy cruiser starship in Starfleet service in the mid-23rd century. (TOS episode: "Obsession")


Construction and launch

The Farragut was authorized for construction on stardate 0965, and entered service on reference stardate 1/8806. (TOS references: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Federation Ship Recognition Manual; ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia) Robert April, in his retirement address, mentioned the Farragut as one of the first five Constitution vessels under construction at that time. (TOS novel: Final Frontier)

The reference book Star Fleet Technical Manual referred to Farragut as a "class I" "mk-IX" ship with registry number of "NCC-1702". Later FASA RPG publications identified it as "class XI" "mk I", with registry set at NCC-1647. This registry was seen on a chart in TOS episode: "Court Martial", and assumed to belong to Farragut.

Service History

The Farragut was in service at least as early as 2247, when it was under the command of Captain Nechama Rabin. That year, the Farragut visited planet Vulcan, where the captain and several of her crew were taken captive by a renegade named Sered. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Forge)

On reference stardate 2/0501, the Farragut was refit to the specifications of a Constitution mk III (Achernar-subclass) vessel. (TOS reference: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

By 2254, the Farragut was under the command of Captain Garrovick. Garrovick's crew included notable officers James T. Kirk and Androvar Drake. During Garrovick's command, the Farragut made contact with numerous races and charted hundreds of planets, including Modala and Neural. (TOS comic: "A Little Seasoning"; TOS episode: "A Private Little War")

In 2255, the Farragut was ambushed by six pirate vessels native to Epsilon Canaris III. Although outnumbered six-to-one, the Farragut escaped to Starbase 7 thanks to tactical officer Kirk. (TOS novel: Crisis on Centaurus)

In 2257, the Farragut was surveying planet Tycho IV, when they were attacked by a dikironium cloud creature. The creature was impervious to phaser fire and overwhelmed the ship's defenses, leaving a third of the crew dead, including Captain Garrovick. Lieutenant Kirk assumed temporary command and set a course for the nearest starbase. After First Officer Arthur Chenowyth resumed command, the damaged Farragut was again attacked, this time by extra-dimensional being who invaded the ship through hull-piercing pod projectiles. Many more crew were killed, although it was later discovered that many were cocooned to join the alien creatures' life-cycle. In order to save approximately two-hundred members of the surviving crew, Lieutenant Kirk and a Vulcan scientist named T'Cel manually scuttled the secondary hull to save the uninfested primary hull saucer. Farragut was officially declared a wreck on reference stardate 2/0904. (TOS references: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Federation Ship Recognition Manual (TOS episode: "Obsession"; TOS novels: Constitution, The Ashes of Eden; TOS comic: "Debt of Honor", RPG reference: Starships)

At some point during Kirk's service aboard the Farragut, he served as assistant chief engineer. Upon meeting Montgomery Scott when boarding the USS Enterprise in 2264, Kirk hoped that his experience as an engineer would give him some commonality with Scott and allow them to work together effectively. (TOS comic: "All Those Years Ago...")

When Androvar Drake became fleet admiral and commander in chief of Starfleet in 2293, he commemorated his early service aboard Farragut by having a model of the ship on display in his office. (TOS comic: "The Ashes of Eden")

Farragut II

A new USS Farragut was authorized for construction as a Bonhomme Richard-subclass on stardate 4444, following the loss of, and in commemoration of the original vessel. Farragut II entered service on reference stardate 2/1802. (TOS references: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

Debt of Honor depicted Farragut with the "NCC-1702" registry, but the subsequent graphic novel adaptation of The Ashes of Eden used "NCC-1647" for the model on Drake's desk. Some sources suggest the latter appearances of the Farragut were actually the same vessel, even though the Star Fleet Technical Manual documents its loss and replacement. Since Debt of Honor describes the saucer section as having survived, it is possible that segment of the older ship was incorporated into the new vessel, making it a continuation of the original ship's legacy.

USS Farragut personnel

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The USS Farragut was a Constitution-class starship in service in the late 23rd century. She was named in honor of American naval officer David Glasgow Farragut, first Admiral of the Navy, who commanded Union ships during the American Civil War. Admiral Farragut was famous for his rallying cry, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"



In 2254, the Farragut was under the command of Captain Steve Garrovick. Lieutenant James Kirk recently graduated from Starfleet Academy starts his first deep space assignment aboard the Farragut. (TOS: "Obsession")

Kirk commands his first planetary survey mission to Tyree's Planet in 2255. He befriends Tyree, leader of the Hill People; a primitive tribe of hunter-gatherers living in huts and caves. The two are ceremonially made brothers.(TOS: "A Private Little War")

In 2257, the Farragut encounters a dangerous Dikironium cloud creature, or "Vampire Cloud", near the planet Tycho IV. The Vampire Cloud kills 200 members of the Farragut's crew, including Captain Garrovick. Lieutenant Kirk, due to his own hesitation, blames himself for the deaths (TOS: "Obsession"). The Farragut returns home for refit and the executive officer, Commander Emilio Alvarez, is promoted to captain and given command of the ship.

In 2266, Captain Alvarez retires from Starfleet after an incident that leaves him disabled. Commander John Carter, of the USS Potemkin, is promoted to captain and is assigned as the new commanding officer of the Farragut. (Starship Farragut)

Command crew

Previous commanding officers

Notable personnel

Alternate timelines

The Farragut, Enterprise-A and Daedalus. (STNV: "In Harm's Way")

Doomsday War

  • In this timeline (resulting from the destruction of the Enterprise under the command of Christopher Pike in 2254 by a time traveling Planet Killer), the Farragut was commanded by James T. Kirk following the death of Captain Garrovick. The crew of the Farragut, under Kirk, remained relatively the same as the crew of the Enterprise in the unaltered timeline with very few exceptions (most noticeably, a Klingon First Officer, named Kargh). Through the remainder of the Doomsday War, the ship and crew shared many of the same missions as the crew of the Enterprise in the unaltered history; including the discovery of the Guardian of Forever. (STNV: "In Harm's Way")


No official registry or class was established for the Farragut during the initial run of the Star Trek television series. During the episode “Obsession”, the vessel was simply referred to as a starship; a term that was used throughout the entire series to described the USS Enterprise and other vessels of a similar configuration, which, we would later come to know as the Constitution class. (“The Ultimate Computer”, “The Omega Glory”, “The Doomsday Machine”, “The Tholian Web”)

Several publications (most notably Stephen E. Whitfield's “The Making of Star Trek” and Franz Joseph's “Star Fleet Technical Manual”) list Farragut as a Constitution-class heavy cruiser, with the registry NCC-1702. The Technical Manual also listed the vessel as being “lost in the line of duty”. Although there is canon evidence that nearly half the crew were wiped out, there is no canon evidence to support the claim that the vessel itself was lost.

More recent, and official sources, including the official Star Trek web site (, and Michael Okuda’s “Star Trek Encyclopedia” and “Star Trek Chronology” confirm that the ship was a Constitution-class vessel; however, they list the ship's registry as NCC-1647. This registry was assigned by Greg Jein, a model maker who worked with Okuda on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the later incarnations of the Star Trek franchise.

It should be noted that since the beginning of “Star Trek : Remastered”, a project which is produced by CBS/Paramount to bring TOS in to the twenty first century with Hi-definition quality video, sound and new, computer generated special effects (CGI), the Jein registries have been consistently used when any other Constitution-class ship has been seen (“The Ultimate Computer”, “The Omega Glory”, “The Tholian Web”), giving credence to the Jein list as “official” or “canon”, while simultaneously dismissing the registries listed by both Whitfield and Joseph.

Although it is apparent that CBS/Paramount has officially embraced the Jein registries (and in-so doing, the 1647 registry for the Farragut) as canon, it must also be noted that since the USS Farragut was only mentioned in TOS dialogue and was never (and is not likely to be) seen in either an original or remastered episode of the original series, her registry, technically, remains conjectural.


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