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The USS Excalibur (NCC-26517-A) was a Galaxy-class Starfleet vessel under the command of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun beginning in the year 2376.


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The Excalibur’s construction started after the second Borg invasion of the Federation using some older systems from previous vessels.

The command crew of the original Excalibur was present when the vessel was commissioned. The Excalibur-A was originally to be under the command of Captain Elizabeth Shelby, but she relinquished command after the dramatic reappearance of the believed-to-be-dead Mackenzie Calhoun, the captain of the previous Excalibur.

Shortly after the vessels dedication, Captains Calhoun and Shelby were married on the bridge of the Excalibur-A' in a ceremony presided over by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (NF - Excalibur novel: Restoration).

The Excalibur-A's first assignment found her in the middle of the Gateways Crisis, and inbetween two warring species, the Markanians and the Aerons. ({{n|ST|sub=Star Trek: Gateways|Gateways)

Soon after, the Excalibur was sent to investigate unusual energy signatures in Zone 18 Alpha. There, the Excalibur encountered the Beings, who claimed to be ancient Earth gods. The Excalibur’s saucer section was equipped with warp drive and left the system while the stardrive section battled the Being’s and was heavily damaged. The USS Trident arrived in the system just in time to defend the defenseless stardrive section. (NF - Excalibur novel: Being Human).

The Excalibur and the USS Enterprise-E were key to the revelation of Selelvian manipulation of the Federation Council. (NF novels: Gods Above, Stone and Anvil)


The Excalibur was present, when the extra-dimensional beings known as the Teuthis attempted to incite civil war between the two major powers of the New Thallonian Protectorate.

The Excalibur briefly went missing in the enclosed, gelatinous realm of the Teuthis and the Bolgar, but emerged soon after. (NF novels: After the Fall, Missing in Action)


The Excalibur was one of the ships to respond to the Borg invasion of the Alpha Quadrant. Leading a Task Group of eight ships, Captain Calhoun joined up with the USS Enterprise-E and deferred command to that starship. It joined the battle near Earth (TNG novel: Before Dishonor).


During the invasion of the Borg Collective in 2381, Starbase 343 was one of five simultaneous attacks along with bases 157 and 234 and the planets of Khitomer and Korvat. The Excalibur protected the base during the battle, and attempted to reproduce the phase inverter technique the USS Ranger used, but the Borg had already adapted; instead, they used the same technology to augment torpedoes and destroyed the cube. The Excalibur signaled an all-clear, but was heavily crippled and unable to rendezvous with the Enterprise at the Azure Nebula. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night) After the engagement, Starfleet Command had evidence indicating that the Borg had adapted to this attack, and its use was therefore dismissed by a think tank that included Seven of Nine. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

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The USS Excalibur (NCC-26517-A) was a Galaxy-class Federation starship, launched in 2376 to replace the previous USS Excalibur which was destroyed in 2375. Both vessels were commanded by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. (Star Trek: New Frontier novels: Restoration, et. al)


Alternate timelines

Star Trek: Daedalus

In an alternate timeline experienced by the crew of the USS Infinite in 2382, the Excalibur was launched in 2376 as a replacement for the Ambassador-class USS Excalibur, which was lost at the Battle of Sector 001. Although command of the Excalibur was due to fall to Commander Elizabeth Shelby, command was instead assigned to Captain Mackenzie Calhoun at the behest of Admiral William Ross and Alynna Nechayev. Despite being offered another command, Shelby reluctantly agreed to retain her rank of commander and serve as Calhoun's first officer.

Following the completion of shakedown cruises, the Excalibur was assigned to Sector 221-G and lend humanitarian aid to the various planets that had suffered with the recent collapse of the Thallonian Empire following their defeat in the Dominion War.

In early 2377, against direct orders from Starfleet Command, the Excalibur helped repel a Romulan invasion of the sector with key battles being fought in orbit of Xenex, Calhoun's homeworld.

The Excalibur was destroyed in 2379 after ramming the Reman warbird Scimitar, which was about to destroy all life on Earth with a deadly Thalaron weapon. Thankfully, the majority of the crew were able to escape before final impact.

In honor of the Excalibur-A's sacrifice a new Sovereign-class starship was renamed the USS Excalibur-B and placed under the command of Calhoun. ("Infinite", "Split Infinities")

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