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The USS Effingham was a Federation Akira-class heavy cruiser in service during the late 24th Century.

Effingham emerged from Spacedock in 2377 and was assigned to the 10th Cruiser wing of the Fifth Fleet in patrolling the Badlands area alongside the USS Winchester. Reinette Hernandez, who was in charge of the refit of both ships, was asked to stay on as commanding officer of the Effingham.

In January of 2378, Effingham led in a mission to recover Winchester after it was captured by a group of Jem'Hadar, presumably under the command of Khan. They were assisted by Winchester fighter pilot Johnathan Bucyrus and his wife, Valerie. (USS Baldwin: "That Kind of Day")

In May of 2378, Effingham provided reports on a bogey that was tailing the USS Baldwin. Effingham subsequently picked up the captured warbug and crew. (USS Baldwin: "Mother and Child")

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