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The USS Eagle NCC-74329 was a Nebula-class Starfleet vessel under the command of Captain Michael T. Owens. The ship was launched in 2371 and remained in service in the year 2376.

The ship's dedication plaque reads: "Peace has its victories but it takes brave men and women to win them", a quote from 19th century American author and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Eagle carries a standard crew complement of 780. This number is significantly decresed during the Dominion War due to fleet wide personnel shortages. Under normal circumstances the crew consists out of 115 officers, 515 enlisted crewmen and 150 civilians. During the war most of the civilians are evacuated and Eagle takes on 150 combat-trained Starfleet Marines.



The USS Eagle was assembled according to upgraded specification for Nebula-class vessels. It is the third generation of this class. It was constructed by the New Aberdeen Fleet Yards in the Aldebaran system. The construction was completed in late 2370.

After completion the ship was transferred to the Sol system were it was officially commissioned in early 2371 under the command of Captain Michael T. Owens.

Eagle falls under the operational command of Rear Admiral Throl.


USS Eagle patch

Eagle posesses the same design features as earlier Nebula-class vessels. It has the ability to carry different pods on top of its saucer section, depending on mission parameters. In its standard configuration, Eagle carries a sensor pod which significantly increases the ship's research resources. In times of war or prolonged conflict the sensor pod can be replaced by a weapon's pod which supplements the ship's arsenal.

The vessel's main lounge is positioned at the most forward part of deck 10 and is spread out over two decks. On Eagle the lounge has been named The Nest. The upper part offers food replicators and plenty of eating tables while the lower part contains a bar and an area equipped with comfortable seating arrangements.

Eagle carries a number of support crafts, including shuttles, a captain's yacht christened Golden Eagle and one Danube-class runabout named USS Nebuchadrezzar.

Senior officers

The vessel's command crew from 2371 to 2374.

  • Commanding Officer
Captain Michael T. Owens
  • Executive Officer
Commander Eugene Edison
  • Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander Xylion
  • Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander So'Dan Leva
  • Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Ashley J. Wenera, MD
  • Chief Operations Manager
Lieutenant DeMara Deen
  • Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Louise Chirac-Hopkins
  • Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant Nora Laas
  • Primary Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Lif Culsten

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