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The USS Constitution (NCC-1700-B) was an explorer starship of the Galaxy class built by the Federation Starfleet. (Trekmania)

The Constitution, under command of Jules van Osterlich, was one of two Federation starships in 2364 to respond to reports of a deadly prion-based infection (which was years later found to be engineered by Thallonian General Gerrid Thul). (TNG novel: "Infection")

In 2370, the Constitution and the USS Odyssey met with the USS Enterprise-D, after a Vulcan science vessel reported that the Enterprise was taken over by alien entities. The Constitution was under the command of Captain Tiyo Soya. (TNG novel: "Possession").

A year later, under the command of Captain Celia Hudson, the Constitution was sent to settle a trade dispute between Sherman's Planet and Forcas II when it detected a sudden burst of cronoton energy that also incapacitated the ship's counsellor, Bimitri Cassaria. Investigating the source they discovered Kate Sheridan unconscious in a drifting shuttlecraft. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus: "Messages From Home")

By 2376, the Constitution was serving in the Thirteenth Fleet during its assignment in Cardassian space.

In May 2376, the Constitution was part of a small task force of ships that were assigned to assist the USS Daedalus on Kora II after an uncovered Iconian gateway had allowed the Borg to crossover and begin assimilating the inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the Borg had managed to gain control of the orbital weapon platforms inside the Kora system and began firing on the task force. Although one ship was lost in the resulting battle, the Constitution was able to hold her own in the battle, until the threat was removed. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Resistance II")

This ship's registry was not in any of its novel appearances, but was derived by the fan fiction reference Trekmania.

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