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The USS Centurion (originally named USS Farragut II, registry NCC-1729, sometimes referred to as NCC-1708) was a Federation Constitution-class (mk II/mk-IX-A Bonhomme Richard-subclass) class I/class XI heavy cruiser starship in Starfleet service in the mid-23rd century. Farragut was commissioned and launched on reference stardate 2/1802 in the 2260s, having been authorized for construction on stardate 4444 as a replacement for the original USS Farragut. (TOS references: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Federation Ship Recognition Manual; TNG novel: The Captains' Honor)

In the 1970s, the TOS reference book: Star Fleet Technical Manual referred to the second Farragut as a "class I" heavy cruiser "mk-IX-A" ship with registry "NCC-1729", while later FASA RPG publications in the 1980s instead said the ship "class XI" Enterprise-class cruiser "mk I", with registry set at NCC-1708. The ship was renamed as Centurion sometime prior to The Captains' Honor.


USS Farragut service history

In the 2260s, Captain Kelly Bogle, who had previously served on Garrovick's Farragut, had assumed command. (TOS novel: The Rings of Tautee)

In 2267, the Farragut was one of several starships ordered to the Romulan Neutral Zone by Admiral Iota. (TOS novel: Web of the Romulans)

In 2268, the Farragut docked at Starbase 11 for repairs, when they were called away to the Klingon agricultural colony on Signi Beta. On arrival at the colony the Farragut joined forces with the Enterprise and the IKS Klothos, commanded by Kor, and repelled the Narr. (TOS novel: Treaty's Law)

Shortly after, the Farragut once again assisted the Enterprise in rescuing over 2,000 survivors from the Tautee system following its destruction. (TOS novel: The Rings of Tautee)

By 2268, the Farragut was under the command of Captain Phillips. In this year, the Farragut participated in wargames with the USS Exeter and the Enterprise, which was testing experimental warp-powered shield technology. (TOS novel: First Frontier)

On reference stardate 2/1802, Farragut was refit as an Enterprise-subclass (mk I) vessel. (TOS reference: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

In 2293, the Farragut transported Captain Spock to Rigel IV so that he could attend a meeting with Lanitow Irizal at the Bureau of Interplanetary Affairs. (TOS novel: The Fire and the Rose)

Farragut was refit on reference stardates 2/2511 and 2/3308, and was eventually declared lost on stardate 2/4311, although the vessel was apparently later recovered and renamed. (TNG reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual)

USS Centurion service history

After years of service, the Farragut was decommissioned and was given to Magna Roma after they joined the Federation, renamed USS Centurion. (TNG novel: The Captains' Honor)


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