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The USS Aventine (NCC-82602) is a Vesta-class Federation starship in service in the late 24th century. As of 2381 it is under the command of Captain Ezri Dax.





The Aventine was fitted to serve as a testbed starship for the quantum slipstream drive in late 2380. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum)


The Aventine saw her first combat action against the Borg during the invasion of Acamar. During the battle, the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer were both killed, leaving Ezri Dax in command of the ship. One week after the battle Starfleet officially promoted Dax to Captain and gave her command of the Aventine.

The Aventine was then sent to the Gamma Quadrant to investigate salvage the remains of the Columbia. This was, however, cut short when the ship was reassigned to defend Trill from the Borg. During the operation two of the Aventine's security personnel, who were accompanying the salvage team, were found dead. An investigation revealed the cause of the death to be a Caeliar, who also managed to board the Aventine, where he caused additional deaths. After stealing a shuttlecraft and attempting to locate his former home, Erigol, Arithon confessed to Captain Dax that he had not caused the deaths on purpose, but had known only the need to feed. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

Once in the Azure Nebula, the Aventine received a distress call from the USS Enterprise-E and rescued it from a Borg cube. After dealing with the immediate threat, the two vessels enacted repairs while awaiting further orders. Captain Dax wanted to utilize the tunnels as exploratory devices, but Captain Picard insisted on determining how to collapse them to prevent further Borg incursions. However, after sensor readings indicated that collapsing the tunnels could have disastrous results, the two ships worked to open and survey the far sides of the tunnels, hoping to take the front line of the Borg invasion to the Collective. The Aventine made contact with an unusual cosmozoan species in the Delta Quadrant who had repelled a fleet of Borg vessels and only allowed the ship to survive because they were not Borg. Another tunnel took the Aventine to the intergalactic void, almost a million light years distant of NGC 5078, and the last tunnel that the Aventine went through jointly with the Enterprise deposited them in a plasma stream between a binary star on the outer rim of the Carina Arm near the meridian of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants, where they faced a Hirogen assault. Although the two vessels were boarded, they were able to repel the assault. The journey back was rushed due to the collapse of the tunnel system, and when they arrived back at the Azure Nebula, they found a ship graveyard - the remnants of over seven thousand Borg cubes making a final assault. The Aventine set course for Earth to attempt a defense, and the Enterprise chased them. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

Against immeasurable odds Captain Dax of the Aventine initially planed to bring the ship's experimental slipstream drive online ahead of the test schedule to allow the ship to get to Earth ahead of the Borg and mount a desperate last defense. Dax was eventually dissuaded from this plan by Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise. (ST - Destiny novels: Mere Mortals, Lost Souls)

Dax later did use the Aventine's slipstream drive in an ambitious plan to ambush a Borg vessel and plant a fake Borg Queen to take control of the Borg armada. The slipstream drive allowed the ambush to go ahead successfully, and the plan prevented the annihilation of several Federation worlds.

The Aventine, along with the Enterprise and Titan were later present in the Azure Nebula to witness the end of the Borg invasion, and the entire Borg Collective at the hands of the Caeliar. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

After being repaired and refitted, the Aventine began relief operations. It occasionally used its slipstream drive to expidite travel times between destinations. In April 2381, it transported Sonek Pran to Achernar Prime in order to convince Donatra to help in providing aid to the Romulan Star Empire. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Crew Manifest

Command Staff


Flight Control




Security and Tactical

Unnamed Personnel

  • Two junior officers, a brown-bearded Tellarite male and an auburn-haired human female were waiting for a turbolift on one of the lower decks of the Aventine; Sam Bowers was wandering the deck and rode the same turbolift, trumping their destinations as a senior Bridge officer. [2]
  • A Benzite ballistics expert and a female human security officer stood guard over the site of the deaths of Yott and Komer while Doctor Tarses took samples; the female accidentally stepped in a blood pool. [2]
  • A female Vulcan paramedic was stationed on the bridge when the ship battled the Hirogen in 2381. She rushed to treat Ensign Rhys, but found him already dead. [1]



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