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The USS Avenger (NCC-1860) was a Federation Miranda-class cruiser starship in service to Starfleet in the late 23rd century.

In 2287, the Avenger was part of a relief force under Admiral Stephanoff of the USS Exeter that traveled to Tau Gamma II in order to assist the USS Enterprise-A after Captain James T. Kirk had been captured by the notorious bounty hunter, Sweeney. The Avenger battled Sweeney's ships alongside the Enterprise. Thankfully, Captain Kirk was able to engineer his own escape from Sweeney's ship and the battle was soon finished, with no damage or casualties aboard the Exeter. (TOS comics: "Going, Going...", "... Gone!")

By the 2370s the Avenger had either been decommissioned or lost and replace by a new ship bearing the name. (TNG video game: Armada)


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The USS Avenger (NCC-1860) was an Avenger-class heavy frigate, commissioned February 2252. The ship underwent refits in 2275-2277 and again in 2285, 2289, and 2294. The Avenger had a crew of 360 persons. (Star Trek: Avenger)

The program that led to the Avenger’s original construction was proposed in 2242, and the Avenger was originally constructed as a Surya-class frigate by the Vickers Shipbuilding Group, Ltd. The hull was laid down in November 2249, and launched into orbit in August 2251.

Robert Wesley was the Avenger’s first commanding officer. Through much of the Four Years War, the Avenger served as part of Task Force Constitution, under the overall command of Garth of Izar. The Avenger was also present at the Axanar Peace Mission, when the treaty that ended the war was signed. When a renegade Klingon commander walked out of the negotiations and attacked the USS Republic, the Avenger and Captain Wesley contained, but did not destroy, the commander’s vessel long enough for other Klingon forces to beam aboard and subdue the renegade.

Melissa Sturdevant was the ship’s second commanding officer, from April 2262 to January 2272. In 2264-2265, the Avenger assisted in the evacuation of the Yogyakarta Baru colony.

From 2272-2275, under the command of Raymond Jellicho, the Avenger served as an engineering testbed vessel to prepare for Starfleet’s plans to embark on a frigate refit program much like the one conducted in 2271-2273 for the Constitution-class heavy cruisers. This was followed, in 2275-2277, by the ship’s refit from the Surya-class frigate to Avenger-class heavy frigate configuration. During this refit and for another seven years afterward, the Avenger was commanded by P'Tak Thalazar, until his transfer in 2284.

The Avenger’s refit in 2285 marked the conversion of the ship to the standard configuration for the class, replacement of the engine support pylons and weapons pod, and extension of the ship’s standard mission duration to five years from four.

The next three commanding officers were Alex Rosenzweig (2285-2299), Carlos Maldonado, Jr. (2299-2304), and Judith Waidlich (2304- ).


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This article uses material from the "USS Avenger (NCC-1860)" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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