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The USS Artemis (NCC-71428) was an Akira-class vessel currently serving in Starfleet as part of First Fleet. She is the flagship for Task Force 1. She was launched on Stardate 61589.5 under the command of Commander David Hawk to do the final tests before commissioning. She was finally commissioned on Stardate 62230.5. Artemis is currently under the command of Captain Worf while Hawk is leading a team of officers into the past onboard the USS Columbia. She is named for the Greek Goddess of Hunting. In early 2386, while under the temporary command of Colonel Skylar Calimo, the Artemis was destroyed in battle, unfortunately costing Calimo his life. (Star Trek: Artemis)


Senior Officers

Team for USS Columbia Mission

Senior NPCs

Current assignment

At Deep Space 9, Fleet Captain David Hawk was chosen to lead a team of officers into the past to stop the Augments from changing Federation history. While Hawk is away, Captain Worf has been placed in temporary command of Artemis. The current orders for the Artemis are to report to Starbase 17 and retreive the Kreon prisoners captured in the Series Premiere and deliver them to Kreon Prime to stand trial in their own system. After delivering the prisoners, the Artemis was assigned to assist the Kreon Government in stopping the terrorist Rebellion. Soon after, Captain Worf was allowed to return to his command, leaving Skylar Calimo as the temporary Commanding Officer. After a small skirmish, Skylar Calimo was killed in action when the Artemis was destroyed from a Human Augment acquired Romulan Warbird.

Ship motto

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
— Mark Twain
  • Creator's note: If you look at the Dedication Plaque closely, it says the Artemis was built in "San Fansisco" Yards instead of the San Fransisco Yards. Show creators believe that there must be a city on either the Moon or on Mars called San Fansisco.

Previous officers

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