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USS Anasazi (NCC-62001) was a Nebula-class cruiser on active duty in Starfleet during the 24th century. (Starfleet International: Vessel Registry, 0801.07 revision)


Anasazi is a chapter of Starfleet International.

Nebula class exploratory cruiser
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USS Anasazi NCC-62001

The concept for the USS Anasazi began when Earl Beighley (Founding Captain) went to Las Cruces to meet with the crew of the USS Mir (NCC-73281) on April 8, 2000.  There was a meeting 3 weeks later with David Reustle, Allen Johnson and Earl in Albuquerque where it was decided to try and form a chapter of STARFLEET International in Albuquerque.  
The USS Anasazi was founded in July 2000 as the Pre-Shuttle Soyuz.  On November 18, 2000 the Pre-Shuttle Soyuz was officially launched as the Shuttle Soyuz (NCC-73281/1) by its mothership, the USS Mir (NCC-73281) based in Las Cruces, NM, with 6 founding members who were committed to getting the Anasazi commissioned as quickly as possible. 
The USS Anasazi (NCC-62001) was commissioned as a modified Nebula Class Cruiser on August 18, 2001 with a crew complement of 12, including the 4 members of the 898th Marine Strike Group serving aboard the Anasazi. 
The Commissioning ceremony was held on August 25, 2001 and attended by a number of distinguished visitors who wished the new ship and her crew well as they embarked on their continuing mission.  Among the guests were: ADM Dennis Gray (Retired ShOC Director); VADM Johnathan “Gumby Simmons (ShOC Vice-Chief & USS Stormbringer CO); FCAPT Biff Bassett (R17 VRC); FCAPT Nancy Lynch (USS Mir CO); CAPT Bob Bulkeley (USS Arc Royal CO); and members of the crews of the USS Mir, USS Stormbringer, and USS Arc Royal as well as several civilian guests.  The final count of attendees for the Commissioning ceremony and party was 31, including the crew of the USS Anasazi. 
On February 18, 2002, the USS Anasazi had her first Change of Command when LTC John Roberts assumed his post as Commanding Officer (and received his subsequent promotion to COL) and CAPT Earl Beighley stepped down to serve as the ship’s Executive Officer.  In March of 2002, COL Roberts was appointed to serve as the Region 17 Vice Regional Coordinator under VADM (later ADM) Johnathan “Gumby” Simmons.  John later resigned as VRC in June, 2003.  In August 2002, CAPT Beighley was appointed to serve Region 17 as the Regional Recruiting Officer. 
The USS Anasazi celebrated her 1st anniversary as a fully commissioned Ship of the Line in Region 17 on August 25, 2002.  The event was an all day long party at the same hotel where Bubonicon 34 was held where the crew, guests and even some Bubonicon participants sat and watched (OK, made fun of) various Star Trek episodes, movies and documentaries.  When dinner, at the China Star, was over with, we went back to the hotel and celebrated in earnest this momentous occasion in our ship’s history.  The guests (total number was 19 from the USS Mir, USS Stormbringer, and the USS Arc Royal) were presented with imprinted beer steins bearing the Anasazi’s logo and date of the event to commemorate the party. 
Our Second Anniversary was held on August 23, 2003 conjunction with Bubonicon 35.  We spent the day relaxing, getting reacquainted with old friends and new and watching Star Trek all day.  We even got to watch Klingons undergo the beginning stages of genetic transformation.  Now we know why the Klingons never talk about the differences in their species (Ridged v. non-ridged foreheads).  We presented our guests with the shooter glasses imprinted with our ship’s logo on them and handed out a few awards and promotions.  We then proceeded to celebrate and enjoy ourselves into the morning.  We all look forward to the 3rd Anniversary party. 
The USS Anasazi had another Change in her Command Staff in December 2003 when CAPT Beighley decided to step down as Executive Officer and LT Craig Cheairs was named as our new Executive Officer and promoted to Commander.  CAPT Beighley continues to serve the Anasazi as our Charities Coordinator to help us coordinate our continuing efforts to better our local community through our efforts. 
The Third Anniversary Party for the USS Anasazi was held on August 25, 2004, again in conjunction with Bubonicon.  The party was attended by our crew and a few friends, but all who did attend had a great and we have managed to continue our tradition of handing out glassware to those who did attend the anniversary party, this year the glasses were double old fashioned glasses with our logo.  We even added new members at the party and everyone who attended had a great time.

The USS Anasazi launched her second shuttle in June 2005 after her crew strength (paid STARFLEET members) reached 52 members. This Shuttle, Aztec, was launched under the command of Fleet Captain Earl Beighley and Lieutenant Commander Chad Casey. Shuttle Aztec is based on the West Side of Albuquerque and serves as a useful and important “foil” for the antics and competitions of the USS Anasazi and Albuquerque area science fiction fandom. With the launching of the Shuttle Aztec, it was decided to form “Task Force Albuquerque” to help present a unified front for planning and organizational purposes in the Albuquerque area. The USS Anasazi serves as the flagship of Task Force Albuquerque.

Our Fourth Anniversary Party was held on August 28, again in conjunction with the local Bubonicon. This year's event was attended by members of the Shuttle Aztec, the RC and members of the Regional Flagship (USS Tiburon) and many other people from around Albuquerque and surrounding areas who attended the Con. This year's glassware was 16 oz mixing/pint glasses which were given to all people who attended our Anniversary Party. During the Anniversary Party we promoted our XO, Craig Cheairs, to Captain and then promoted David Reustle and Michael Dethlefs to Brigadier. Right after the promotions we launched our third shuttle, Shuttle Tomahawk, under the leadership of BDRs Reustle and Dethlefs. Shuttle Tomahawk will be based on the East Side of Albuquerque.

In January 2006, the Shuttle Aztec decided to fold and return to the USS Anasazi for a variety of reasons. Chief among them was a lack of time among her senior crew. It was decided that they would return to the Anasazi and consider trying to launch again at a later time.

Our Fifth Anniversary Party was held on August 25, 2006 again in conjunction with the local Bubonicon. This year's event was attended by members of the Shuttle Tomahawk, the RC and members of the Regional Flagship (USS Tiburon) and many other people from around Albuquerque and surrounding areas who attended the Con. This year's glassware was 7.5 oz. Champagne Flutes which were given to all people who attended our Anniversary Party. Right after a few awards were handed out and we received some wonderful gifts from the RC and our friends on the USS Omega glory in Denver , we commissioned the Shuttle Tomahawk, under the leadership of BDRs Reustle and Dethlefs as the Ship of the Line USS Tomahawk, a Sovereign class cruiser.

  • Information added by David R. Reustle, Chief Engineer, USS Anasazi NCC-62001, 9 May 2008

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