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The Laser Designator

The Laser Designator is a United Nations Space Command piece of equipment [1], using a modified SRS-99D S2 AM Sniper Rifle butt stock, pistol grip and body to mount a laser target designator.

It was first seen in use during the short video, Halo: Last One Standing, by an injured UNSC Marine Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, S. Hartley, during the Battle of Western Pakistan. Though injured, he used it to acquire the trajectory information of the Master Chief (Sierra 117)'s descent through Earth's atmosphere, pinpointing his eventual crash site.

The designator uses the same butt-stock, pistol grip and main section as the SRS-99D S2 AM Sniper rifle, with the only difference being the absence of an ammunition magazine and barrel, and the replacement of these with a laser designator and different optical scope[2].


S. Hartley utilizing the Laser Designator on the Master Chief.
  • The UNSC Laser Designator has a Misriah logo on its stock, a feature retained from its SRS99D-S2 AM roots.
  • The Laser Designator could most likely be used by a forward observer to mark out long range targets for air strikes or artillery bombardments.

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