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The UNSC Army is a branch of the UNSC Defense Force primarily responsible for land-based military operation.[1]



Little is known about the UNSC Army, and this is probably due to the fact that the Army is a land based fighting force, and thus little of the Army is assigned to the UNSC Navy, with the exception of transport to other planets. It is also known that the UNSC Army uses different equipment such as the M6J Carbine, the MA37 Assault Rifle, and the M392 DMR.[2]


It is known that the UNSC Army frequently patrols colony planets,[3] but little is known about any operations they've participated in, apart from the Battle of Mare Erythraeum and Battle of Reach. Unlike the Marines, which actively take the offensive against the enemy, the UNSC Army is largely used in defensive operations, such as garrisoning UNSC-held territory.[1]

The several supposed UNSC Army operations could be the Battle of Mare Erythraeum where Colonel James Ackerson may have led an unknown number of Army infantry forces against the Jiralhanae Commander Lepidus on Mars, the Battle of Reach where some Army units assisted Noble Team, and was present during the Battle of Earth where a unit was known to help Marine and civilian forces in New Mombasa. It is also highly likely that the Army fought against Covenant Loyalist forces in other engagements during the Battle of Earth.[notes 2]

Battle Dress Uniform

The Troopers sport olive-drab fatigues, with brown-gray armor plating. Main components of the armor include an armored vest, a helmet and large shoulder pads. The chest armor also has an extension to provide protection to the groin. The shins are not armored like Marine BDU, with only dust-gray combat boots and black kneepads on the lower leg. Thighs have attachment rigs for equipment much like in the other versions. The green monocle eyepiece used by some Marines are also used, with some Troopers sporting tactical goggles as well.


UNSC Army Enlisted Ranks
Private Private (Grade 2) Private First Class Specialist/Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant/First Sergeant Sergeant Major/Command Sergeant Major Sergeant Major of the Army
For the UNSC Army Officer rank structure click here
UNSC Army Officer Ranks
Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General General of the Army
For the UNSC Army Enlisted rank structure click here


  • The only known confirmed members of the UNSC Army are Colonel James Ackerson, an intelligence officer in the ONI who was once an infantryman, and Colonel Urban Holland.[3]
  • The UNSC Army has its own specially designed variant of the M6; the M6J Carbine.



  1. Considering that James Ackerson is an Army Colonel, the UNSC most likely used Army infantry forces during the Battle of Mare Erythraeum
  2. If Ackerson was leading it, then it could be an Army operation.


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