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This article is a summary of the known information concerning the appearance and activity of the United States' federal government and its successor, the Enclave, in the Fallout world.


Before the Great War

Great Seal of the United States at war bonds advertisment

Executive branch

The President of the United States was mentioned in the Fallout games as well as some federal departments, such as the:

  • uncertainly named federal department or departments responsible for the United States' national security which may be separate or the same agency:[1]:
    • War Department - referred to in the Maxson Log as present in year 2077,
    • Department of Defense - connected with HERMES armor research[2] and mentioned by "Faction Profile – the Brotherhood of Steel"[3] together with Pentagon. Defense Department was mentioned as well by West Tech Research Facility mainframe, as present in year 2076.
The Secretary of the Army was mentioned at Tibbets design document as present in 2040[4]. According to Van Buren tech demo plot the federal government could exercise only limited power over the units of the U.S. Army, thus according to their names at least some Armored Infantry Divisions actually belonged to the American commonwealths rather than the federal government, a situation similar to that of the state volunteer regiments raised by the states and placed into federal service during the American Civil War of the nineteenth century.
  • uncertainly named federal department or departments responsible for energy and power:
Moreover Atomic Energy Commision was present in the year 2241[7].

Legislative branch

Congress mentions:

  • In February 15, 2075 both the House of Representatives and the Senate voted unanimously to impeach the President for jaywalking[15],
  • The complete books of the Library of Congress were packed in the G.E.C.K.,
  • Senator Todd Peterson was mentioned[16].

District of Columbia affairs[17] - District of Columbia Transport Authority[18].

Judicial branch

Federal Courts were mentioned in the Tibbets design document.


There was a covert branch of the legal U.S. government that acted as a shadow government,and intended to launch a coup d'etat against the real U.S. government. It was called the Enclave. Its members also acted as lobbyists for major American corporations like Vault-Tec, General Atomics International and RobCo.[19].

Post-Great War succession[20]

In March 2077, with the United States government prepared for a nuclear or biological attack from China, the President of the United States and the government and corporate officials who made up the secret shadow government known as the Enclave retreated to remote sections around the globe and made contingency plans for continuing the war against the Chinese[21].

  • One of the few old world organizations to survive the Great War was the Enclave - before the war the organization that served as a shadow government within the legal federal government of the United States. Members of the Enclave were military hardliners who both embraced the idea of a nuclear war to rid the world of Communist influence and knew that the common man could not survive it. They believed that as long as the “important people” of the United States survived, they could regroup quickly and wipe out Communism once and for all and then build a better world without the threat posed by China or anyone else to the American way of life. The Enclave established itself on an abandoned Poseidon Energy oil-drilling platform off the coast of California that was protected from the nuclear firestorm of 2077.
  • In 2241 NORAD was offline[22], there was the large Crater in 2253[23].
  • The constitutional status of the Enclave's President of the United States was questioned by the Brotherhood of Steel. Matthew, their representative in San Francisco, referred to President Dick Richardson as the "so-called Presedent"[24].
  • In 2277 there was no U.S. government presence at federal government buildings such as the Pentagon and the Capitol, as the Capital Wasteland had no central political authority or la enforcement mechanism.[25].
  • The federal government[26] may not have ever considered the Vaults as American society's best chance for survival in the event of a nuclear war or a viral pandemic - instead, the government's officials may have considered themselves the best candidates for rebuilding the world and already had their own posteriors covered in the event of a nuclear or biological war by relocating to other remote installations across the nation (and elsewhere) that were not necessarily Vaults. The Enclave certainly did not seem to be devoting much effort to digging up any other Vaults and trying to use the human stock there to rebuild civilization.[27].

Enclave Operations, 2077-2241

Executive branch

According to the Fallout Bible presidential powers accorded to the leader of the Enclave were as follows:

  • Presidential Orders could concern military research and data protection[28]while Presidential Directives could concern the Enclave's armed forces conditioning and testing programs[29].
  • Presidential decisions could concern major scientific projects of the Enclave connected to military actions[30].

The President also directly controlled the automatic Emergency Defensive Systems on the Enclave's oil-drilling platform.

In the year 2220 Congressman Dick Richardson was elected president for his first term of four years (he would be elected to five), through the aid and political pressure provided by his father, a previous American president under the Enclave. It is not certain that if Dick Richardson was the president in 2241 he was also the one elected in 2220, over twenty years before. However it was possible, if under the Enclave a president could be reelected more than once to a new term. This would have been legal if the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution had never been passed in 1951, a real possibility in the divergent Fallout universe.[31].

There was a Cabinet mentioned also. It was the addresse of the Project report from the United States Chemical Corps and the Power Plant Operations report from the Enclave's Atomic Energy Commission. Its seat was the Executive Office on the Enclave's oil rig.The only known Cabinet-level executive officer in the Enclave was the Vice-President of the United States, the first person in the presidential line of succession[32].

There were some executive agencies present after the Great War, like the Secret Service, the Atomic Energy Commission[33], National Aeronautics and Space Administration (also referred to as the United States Space Agency)[34] and the Environmental Protection Agency[35]. The United States Armed Forces were present and its Enclave Patrols at the Navarro perimeter also acted as border police.

Legislative branch

The Vice President of the United States was present on the Enclave's oil rig[36] (he shall be President of the Senate)[37]. According to the Fallout Bible since August 1, 2215 Congressman Dick Richardson had been rising to power within the Enclave, aided by pressure from his father, the first President Richardson.[38].

Judicial branch

No information about this branch of the American federal government under the Enclave has been provided in the games, except the for the fact that courts martial were performed by officers of the Enclave's armed forces (as in the real world American military).[39]

After the destruction of the Enclave oil rig, 2242-2277

The destruction of the Enclave's oil-drilling platform off the coast of California in 2242, following[40] the Chosen One’s assassination of the Enclave’s President of the United States, erased all trace of President Dick Richardson from history[41]. However, some broken remnants of the Enclave survived.

Possible candidates for acting commander of the Enclave armed forces following the death of President Richardson and the destruction of the oil rig were Enclave military officers who could have survived the destruction of the oil rig, eg. those on the Enclave's mainland outposts' senior staff,Enclave Control Company's senior personnel or some Enclave military officers who might have evacuated in Vertibirds from the rig or had been deployed on outside missions[42]. The commander of the remaining Enclave military forces was Augustus Autumn, who had risen to the rank of Colonel by 2077[43].

A new President of the United States appeared, John Henry Eden, from the Raven Rock military base on the East Coast in the Capital Wasteland near the ruins of Washington, D.C. Despite the fact that some of the remnants of the Enclave government had sirvived[44] after the destruction of the Enclave's oil rig in 2242, according to Colonel Autumn, Eden was next in line for leadership. President Eden then ordered Colonel Autumn to relocate the Enclave's military forces from California to the Raven Rock base. Before the destruction of the Enclave oil rig, John Henry Eden had served as an adviser to many of the American presidents of the Enclave. He was probably a remote advisor in fact, because he was not actually human but a Pre-Great War artificial intelligence permanently located in the Raven Rock base within the ZAX supercomputer unit there[45]. It is not certain if Eden was a member of President Richardson's Cabinet[46]. According to President Eden's propaganda broadcasts on the Enclave Radio a new presidential election was promised to the surviving people of the United States, but without going into the details for "reasons of national security." Eden also promised to surrender the office of the Presidency to the winner of this election - without stating the exact time when this would occur, however. According to some speeches made on Enclave Radio there was still some form of Congress in the Enclave as well. The only person aware of President Eden's true identity as an AI was Colonel Autumn. It seems even Eden was not aware that he was in fact a computer and not human. In 2277, Colonel Autumn rebelled against President Eden and revealed his AI identity to the rest of the Enclave members[47].

Without a truly legal and constitutionally elected President of the United States, the forces of the Enclave forces were never more than just another paramilitary Wastelands factions claiming descent from the United States armed forces--similar in many ways to the Brotherhood of Steel--but far more malevolent in tactics and ultimate intent.


The real-world constitutional provision that lays out the structure of the executive agencies of the executive branch of the federal government is the United States Constitution, Article Two, Section 2, Clause 1 - the President may require the Opinion of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices. Because of the timeline Divergence that occured in the 1940's or 1950's it is sure only that in the Fallout world the United States Constitution's content would be the identical to that in the real-world document up to the Twenty-first Amendment. After that point there were guaranteed to be substantial differences.

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