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44 BBY

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Light brown

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known masters


Known apprentices

Plo Koon

"It was said he could sense the future. His instinctive knowledge of the Force centered him in the present but allowed him to intuit where all possibilities lead."
Plo Koon

Tyvokka was a Wookiee Jedi Master of legendary status who sat on the Jedi Council during the Stark Hyperspace War.



«You... make me proud... Plo Koon...»
―Tyvokka's dying words

Tyvokka was a rare Wookiee Jedi, and even rarer, a Wookiee Jedi Master who was one of the most respected members of the Council. Tyvokka carried with him a yellow curved lightsaber. He possessed advanced precognition skills and was a patient master to even his most frustrating Padawan, Plo Koon. The pair remained friends and partners after Plo Koon’s ascent to the rank of Jedi Knight, and Tyvokka continued to encourage his former apprentice to seek membership on the Jedi Council.

Tyvokka with fellow Jedi Master Yoda, Dooku, and Dooku's Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn.

As the head of the Jedi team dispatched to Troiken, Tyvokka displayed his ability as a negotiator by holding together the representatives of the Stark Commercial Combine, the Trade Federation, and the Galactic Republic.

In an attempted political power grab, Stark tried to kill the Federation and Republic representative. Tyvokka and the rest of the Jedi team fought off attackers, calling on Minister Nute Gunray to lend aid with his battle droids. In a fatal error, he commanded his droids to kill them all, making the droids fire on everyone in the room, fatally injuring Tyvokka. Upon seeing this, Qui-Gon slashed down the droids to try and save him. Unfortunately, it was too late for Tyvokka.

With his dying words, Tyvokka issued orders to Plo Koon to distribute to the remaining Jedi: Adi Gallia was to protect Senator Valorum, Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi were to disable the computer virus that Stark infected the Republic fleet with, and Plo Koon was to rally the Republic forces to quelch the conflict before the Senate lost its nerve. Finally, Tyvokka expressed his pride in his former apprentice, as well as his wish that Koon take his seat on the Jedi Council, and became one with the Force.

Plo Koon followed through with his former Master’s wishes, and rallied the troops to victory ending both the Fifth Battle of Qotile and the Stark Hyperspace Wars. Tyvokka’s empty seat on the Jedi Council was then filled by Plo Koon.

Personality and traits

Tyvokka was a highly respected Jedi Master and a patient teacher even to his most frustrating Padawan, Plo Koon. Tyvokka was very proud of Plo and believed he deserved a seat on the Jedi Council. Koon later replaced Tyvokka on the Council after the Wookiee Jedi's death.

Powers and abilities

Tyvokka was known to have advanced precognition skills. He wielded a curved lightsaber with a yellow blade. Curved lightsabers were generally used by Makashi practitioners but it is unconfirmed if Tyvokka practiced Makashi.


Tyvokka passes away with Plo Koon by his side.



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