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The Tython Standard Calendar was a system of recording time created shortly after the end of the Hundred-Year Darkness. As with the Galactic Standard Calendar, years were 369 days long, and days consisted of 24 hours. This calendar used the Jedi victory at the Battle of Corbos (6,900 BBY) as its epoch, and it included a year zero. BBC (Before the Battle of Corbos) and ABC (After the Battle of Corbos) are used as suffixes.


During the Hundred-Year Darkness, the founding of the Galactic Republic was still used as the reference date of the Republic's calendar, which was around 18,000 years old. In order to commemorate the Jedi victory and to decrease the amount of digits years had, Republic historians and Jedi scholars created the Tython Standard Calendar in order to replace the old way of reckoning.

This system of reckoning remained popular from its creation until Jedi historian Gnost-Dural created a new system to replace the Tython calendar.

Behind the scenes

The Tython Standard Calendar was created by Michaeldsuarez so that characters in the Force Maverick Saga, which takes place before the BBY / ABY method of recording time was created, could recall times and dates. The Battle of Corbos was chosen as this calendar's reference date so that BBC and ABC could be used as suffixes.


  • Force Maverick Saga: Transcending Love (First appearance)

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