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Tyria (world)
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: World
Part of: The Mists

Tyria is the world in which most of the game is played. Currently the known continents in the world of Tyria are Tyria (of the same name), Cantha, Elona, and the PvP archipelago known as The Battle Isles. Also, in the Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts, it is stated that, in 731 CC, Cantha began trading with the "northern areas", along with Tyria and Elona.

The world of Tyria does hold a resemblence to Earth. The continent Elona represents Sub-Saharan Africa, Cantha represents eastern and southeastern Asia, and Tyria represents Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. Due to this Earth-like comparison there may be other continents as well. It is unknown what is east of Tyria and Elona, or south of Cantha.

The world of Tyria also has the following seas and oceans:

Additionally, there are two former seas:

Legend has it that Tyria was the first world created and that after the Exodus, the Gods went on to create other worlds.

It is not known if Tyria is a globe or a flat world, but in the description of Minister Cho's Estate, it reads that "His menagerie of exotic animals from across the globe...", and in the Manuscript book of EotN it reads that Ascalonians are "... scattered across the globe," which could hint that Tyria is indeed a globe world. More convincingly, the logo for Guild Wars 2 shows a globe.

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