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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese テュポーン
Romaji Tyupōn
SNES Name Chupon
PS Name Chupon
GBA Name Typhon

Typhon, also known as Mr. Typhon or Chupon (テュポーン Tyupōn), is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. He is a friend of Ultros, and he has a constant cold. He is first encountered on the Blackjack when the party is attempting to attack the Floating Continent. Being a taciturn villain, he only speaks in growls (FUNGAH!!!), and he winds up sneezing the party off the ship. He later appears in the Colosseum where he is the monster fought when a common item is bet. An Elixir is always won in this battle, but it can be difficult to win because he uses Snort.

Typhon can also be fought as a bonus boss in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary edition of the original Final Fantasy. He can be found in Whisperwind Cove and is the first of the four bosses for Final Fantasy VI to be fought.

Strategy for the battle on the Airship

Typhon is summoned into battle by Ultros about halfway through. He absorbs Fire, however, he is weak to Ice and Water. Therefore, Blizzara spells and Edgar or Mog equipped with a Trident and Dragoon Boots works well. He is also susceptible to Silence. It should be a pretty easy battle, however, Typhon uses Snort upon its death to blow the entire party off the airship.


In Greek mythology, Typhon is an ancient god of wind, who challenges Zeus to become the king of the gods and of all men.

Also, "Chupón" is the Spanish word for "Sucker."


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