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This article describes the Halo 3 version of the Plasma Cannon. For the Halo 2 version, see Type-42 Directed Energy Support Weapon.
Plasma Cannon
Production information



Type-52 Directed Energy Support Weapon


Portable Plasma Turret

Technical specifications

Turret/Support Weapon

Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

200 shot charge (when dismounted, but unlimited when mounted)

Maximum Ammunition
  • Unlimited (Mounted)
  • 200 shots (200% battery life)(Dismounted)
Fire Mode

Fully Automatic

Ammunition Type

Superheated Plasma

Rate of Fire

300 RPM (5 RPS)




Medium to Medium-Long Range


Human-Covenant War


Scoped Rifles and Grenades


Covenant, then Covenant Separatists and Covenant Loyalists


The Type-52 Directed Energy Support Weapon[1], otherwise known as the Plasma Cannon, is a manned automatic plasma turret in use by the Covenant.


Design Details

The Halo 3 version of the Plasma Cannon differ greatly in design from the Halo 2 version where it is somewhat similar in appearance like the Plasma Rifle, and sports what appear to be shields or targeting displays on top of it. These could also be heat dissipation vanes; this is supported by the fact that the weapon cannot overheat even if the entire power supply is emptied, non-stop. Additionally, heat/excess plasma appears to be vented by four apertures on the weapon's sides during rapid fire; this probably assists the cooling process. The Halo 3 Plasma Cannon behaves exactly like the AIE-486H HMG in rate of fire, and has the same number of shots (200) when detached from the Gravity mount. Brutes can use the detached turret (though only seen used by War Chieftains) in the same manner as the player but it has not been seen that a Brute will physically detach it. A version of the Type-52 DESW is also mounted on Scarabs and Anti Air Wraiths for close defense.



Used as a heavy support weapon in ground based combat, it provides a rapid stream of powerful plasma rounds, to suppress enemy movements and offensive actions. The cannon is basically a mobile support weapon and as such offers no protection for the operator, which is usually a Heavy Grunt, although it can occasionally be used by a Brute Chieftain. The gunner is completely exposed to enemy fire, so a well covered emplacement position would be desired for prolonged use, especially if under fire. This separates it from the Shade and Shielded Plasma Cannon, as both these offer some measure of protection for their operator but are, however, not man-portable.

It is carried and operated in a similar fashion to the M247 GPMG made by the UNSC. It has an approximate 65 degree turn radius and 50 degree pitch. It fires plasma bolts similar to those of the Covenant Plasma Rifle, and fires around 300 rounds per minute. A battery or plasma core is built into the tripod which allows the gun to fire indefinitely. When removed from the tripod, the gun can only use the 200 units of power that the gun itself contains.

Combat Usage

Since the operator is completely exposed, it is logical to kill the gunner, and not attempt to destroy the gun itself. The gunners are usually positioned low to the ground and as such can be difficult targets to hit. It's advised to attempt this from cover, since the sheer volume of fire the cannon can lay down is not to be underestimated. Once the operator is down, a well placed grenade or some other explosive should be used to put the cannon out of action temporarily (although fairly rare, another Grunt will operate the turret if the original gunner is killed). In Halo 3, Plasma Cannons are often mounted on Gravity Platforms, for a superior vantage point. Facing them in such situations, distance and/or firepower is key, and rushing such emplacements is not recommended on higher difficulties.


  • War Chieftains and the Arbiter are the only known characters who are able to melee with this weapon.
  • A way of moving faster with the turret can be done by constantly dropping and picking up the turret. Pressing 'Y' to change guns while holding right bumper to pick the gun up again. This, while looking like you are dribbling the gun, allows almost normal movement, though be careful around dropped guns, as you might pick those up instead.
  • Near the beginning of The Ark when you have to fight the Hunters, it is suggested that you go back to the scene of the last fight (on the other side of the tunnel), grab a Plasma Cannon, go back, and kill the Hunters with it. This makes the fight a lot easier, as you can relentlessly pound them with heavy fire, and you can easily dodge their shots. On Legendary, combined with sniper support, this is a great and resourceful way to win the fight.
  • In the level The Covenant after you deactivate the third tower, go outside. There should be an allied Phantom outside, and an Elite operating the Plasma Cannon. Kill him, and jump next to the turret and quickly press RB. You should be operating it, although if you jump on the Phantom directly, you will fall off into the water below as the Phantom's turret wing itself is not solid, however you can jump into the phantom after grabbing the turret by holding the control stick back while mashing the jump button. You can rip off the turret and use it in the fight against the Scarabs, if you kill the Arbiter and give it to him.



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