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Types are a means to split monsters into groups (in a broader way to what Attributes do) in order to enable Support Cards granting various effects, to a specific order of monsters. Players use Field Spell Cards to use Type divides to their advantage.

Each monster has 1 Type. There are 22 different legal Types in the TCG and OCG. Divine-Beast is exclusive to the Egyptian Gods and was considered Illegal, although it is now legal in the OCG and will be in TCG as of January (when the first legal English-print God Card is released). Immortal only appears in "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses".

Image:Aqua.png Image:Beast.png Image:Beast-Warrior.png Image:Dinosaur.png Image:Divine-Beast.png Image:Dragon.png Image:Fairy.png Image:Fiend.png Image:Fish.png Image:Insect.png Image:Machine.png
Aqua Beast Beast-
Dinosaur Divine-
Dragon Fairy Fiend Fish Insect Machine
Image:Plant.png Image:Psychic.png Image:Pyro.png Image:Reptile.png Image:Rock.png Image:Sea Serpent.png Image:Spellcaster.png Image:Thunder.png Image:Warrior.png Image:Winged Beast.png Image:Zombie.png
Plant Psychic Pyro Reptile Rock Sea
Spellcaster Thunder Warrior Winged



Immortal is a Type appearing in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses.

Human is a Type appearing only in a character's fantasy in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.

Black Magic and White Magic are Types used in the Bandai card game.

??? Image:?.png

??? is used to indicate that a monster's Type is unknown.

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Types are a means to split monsters into groups (in a broader way to what Attributes do) in order to enable Support Cards granting various effects, to a specific order of monsters.

Each monster has 1 Type, and there are 21 different legal Types in the OCG & TCG (and a few made up) so far.


Real Monster Types

Aqua Aqua.png

See the main article, Aqua.

A notable made-up card is "Majesty of Ice", when a notable made-up Archetype is the Slime monsters.

Beast Beast.png

See the main article, Beast.

Some notable made-up Beast-Type monsters are "Ali Kangaroo" and "Arceus".

Beast-Warrior Beast-Warrior.png

See the main article, Beast-Warrior.

Some notable made-up cards are "Blaziken", and "Lucario".

Dinosaur Dinosaur.png

See the main article, Dinosaur.

Dragon Dragon.png

See the main article, Dragon.

Noteable Dragon Archetypes include the "Elemental Dragons" and "Darkness Dragons" .

Fairy Fairy.png

See the main article, Fairy.

Fiend Fiend.png

See the main article, Fiend.

The made-up "Doomforce" and "Apocalyptic Dragon" cards are all also Fiends.

Fish Fish.png

See the main article, Fish.

Insect Insect.png

See the main article, Insect.

Machine Machine.png

See the main article, Machine.

Some notable made-up Machine's weakness cards are "Combat War Lost" and "Short-Circuit Cyber", when a notable made-up Machine-Type monster is "Ultra Cyber Dragon".

Plant Plant.png

See the main article, Plant.

Psychic %3F.png

See the main article, Psychic.

Some notable made-up cards are:

Pyro Pyro.png

See the main article, Pyro.

Reptile Reptile.png

See the main article, Reptile.

Rock Rock.png

See the main article, Rock.

Sea Serpent Sea_Serpent.png

See the main article, Sea Serpent.

However, the advent of made-up Project Sea Serpent caused a lot of new Sea Serpents to be created, and now their main strategy is to power each other's ATK points and destroy opposing monsters. Some notable made-up monster cards are "Leviathan - Serpent of the Depths" and "Justice Hydra", when some notable made-up support cards are "Depths of the Ocean" and "Water Shield."

Spellcaster Spellcaster.png

See the main article, Spellcaster.

The only notable made-up Spellcaster so far is Magic Hero Galaxica.

Thunder Thunder.png

See the main article, Thunder.

A notable made-up cards is Raijin, the God of the Thunder, and some noteable made-up support cards are Static Fusion Ball and Aura of Lightning.

Warrior Warrior.png

See the main article, Warrior.

A notable made-up warrior monster card is Cannibal Warlord.

Winged Beast Winged_Beast.png

See the main article, Winged Beast.

Zombie Zombie.png

See the main article, Zombie.

A notable made-up weakness card is Talisman of Banishing Souls.

Divine-Beast Divine-Beast.png

See the main article, Divine-Beast.

Some notable made-up monsters:

Immortal Image:Immortal.png

See the main article, Immortal.

Made-Up Monster Types:


See the main article, Character Cards.


Cryptid monsters are creatures that are based on animals and unknown creatures that are known as UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals). These monsters first appeared in the booster pack, Crimson Beasts.

Notable Monsters include:

Support Cards include:

Weakness Cards include:

Demon-Vassal Demon-Vassal.png

Demon-Vassal monsters that are normally low in level, they have exceptional strong effects, and fairly good ATK and DEF. These monsters are also derived from the Makai Series. These monsters are used to normal summon Overlord-Type monsters.

Some notable monsters include:


Monsters that resembly the devil or demons. They are usually low leveled but can have stronger forms.

Some notable monsters include :


Esper monsters are a new Co-type, with the advent of the Rise of the Summoners. The strategy of Esper monsters is to summon a "Summoner" monster who can summon "Esper" cards from your Hand or Deck by paying life points x100 of the LV of the "Esper" you want to Summon. The summoner cards can level up the more they Summon, becoming Stronger and able to summon Stronger "Esper" cards.

Notable Monsters include:

Support cards include:

  • Hymn of the Fayth
  • Final Summoning


These monsters are from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. They work great against the Servents of God cards.

Some notable monster cards:

Evolution Creatures

You can put these monsters on 1 of the card or cards that it says to. These are usually stronger forms of other monsters.

Notable Cards:


Food monster are monsters and trap monsters that have images of food and included in the Food-Type. Some of these have the ability to heal the summoner at at a loss of there attack points or by destroying it.


Ghost Image:Ghost-Type.jpg

Ghost monsters are a new type, with the advent of the Undead Realms. The strategy of Ghost monsters is to either pair up with Spirits or to swarm in the sense Zombies do. Ghost monsters usually represent Spirits, but are not Spirit monsters. They are a little Zombie-like, but they do not really fit in the Zombie-type category. They are usually spirits, souls, and other Ghost-like things.

Notable Monsters include:

Support cards include:

Weakness cards include:


Hell monsters are Dark, but some have Fire, also. their ability is they can get some Normal monster Dark Fiend or Earth, (but non-Rock monsters) monsters that sent to graveyard and special summon it into Hell monsters with "Phantom" in the beginning of its name, then the original ATK and DEF will switch together.


Horror Monsters are usually DARK or HELL attribute monsters. They have effects that involve cards of their type being removed from play, sometimes removing one just to use the effect as its cost. They work well with cards Like "Soul Absorbtion" or decks that involve cards being removed from play.


These monsters are legos. When they are destroyed you special summon a Lego Token.

Some notable monsters include:

Some support for these cards include:


Lunar Monsters are made in the tide of the moon.

Notable Monsters:


Military monsters are mostly soldiers and vehicles for modern warfare.

Some notable monsters include:

Some support for these cards include:

Some weakness cards include:


Musician monsters are singers, bards, guitarists, drummers, harpists and other beings that attack with music or sound, monsters that would previously have been put in either the Spellcaster or Fairy category. The Type was introduced in Age of Dark Awakening and followed up in Forbidden Reflections. Most support for Musician monsters comes from other Musician monsters rather than Spell or Trap cards, reinforcing the "band" element to their persona.

Notable monsters include:

Support cards include:


Mythical-Beast monsters are those drawn from mythology or legends, or at least partly derived from them. Notable monsters can be seen in Thunderboom's Pokémon cards.

Notable monster cards:

Nyan Nyan

Nyan Nyan is the monster type that specially used to negate the effect of all "Thunder Nyan Nyan"s.

Notable Card:

Other Worldly

Other Worldy monsters are mainly beings from outer space, most of these cards are aliens. This type is still a very unsupported type. Some notable monsters:

Some support cards:

Overlord Overlord.png

Overlord monsters that are derived from the Makai Seies, that is a game developed by NIS America & Nippon Ichi Software. These monsters are normally high in level, and have outstandingly strong effects but has a backfire ability that do harm to the controller. These type of monsters can only be normally summoned by tributing Demon-Vassal - type monsters.

Some notable monsters include:

Some support cards include:

Pencil Image:Pencil.jpg

This type is based on things that look similar to Pencils and Pens. Most of them are Earth Attribute though they are a few exceptions.

Notable Monster include:

Pokémon image:Pokeball.gif

Pokemon are monsters that are derived from the Pokémon World. These creatures contain their default types such as "Plant", "Fish", "Pyro", etc, however they also contain the "Pokemon" type to establish that certain cards may only work with them, although most of these only need to have a Pokémon Name for most cards to work with them. Notable cards can be seen in World King's Project: The Pokémon..

Some notable monsters include:

Some notable support cards include:


Rebels are monsters that usually represent bikers, angels, wild people, demonic people and soldiers. There attributes are Fire, Dark and Light. Their effects usually involve destroying, drawing, or attacking more than once.

Some notable monsters are :

  • Unity Hero Tito Dynamite
  • Ace King
  • Holy Breaker
  • Shadowform


Shapeshifter Monsters are a unique type of monster that be treated as any type of monster.

Notable Monsters:

Shy Guy

Shy Guys are a new type of card made by Mick used for the Mario enemies Shy Guys

Notable Monsters:


Solar Monsters are monsters that are created by the suns rays.

Notable Monsters:


Symbiote Monsters are a special type of Effect monsters that are stored in your Extra Deck, wich leaves room for a suitable strategy to your deck, but in order to summon them you must equip them with a monster of the same level on your side of the field. Symbiote monsters have wery low ATK and DEF, but they gain the ATK and DEF of the monster they are equipped with and in addition have an effect of their own. For more details on rulings see: Symbiote Monster Rulings.

Notable Monsters and Cards:


??? Monsters are Monsters with the Type:??? and when Summoned, it becomes whatever Type you call out.

Notable monsters:


Ancient monsters are monsters far stronger then any other types they have more devastating abilities then anyother monsters

Notable Monsters:

Notable Spell Cards:

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