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The Castle of Tycoon on Bartz's World Overworld
The Castle of Tycoon on the Merged World Overworld
The entrance to the castle of Tycoon

Tycoon is a prosperous kingdom from Final Fantasy V and its anime sequel, Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. It is the country that holds the Wind Crystal, which is located in the Wind Shrine, and the last living Wind Drake. The prosperous kingdom of Walse is located to the east, while the powerful kingdom of Karnak is located to its west.

The castle of Tycoon is accessible in Bartz's World and on the Merged World, and the country is surrounded by forests and mountains. Tycoon is thus somewhat isolated from the exterior world, although it is connected to Walse thanks to the Torna Canal.



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Alexander Highwind Tycoon is the current king of Tycoon, and has two daughters Lenna Charlotte Tycoon and Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon. Sarisa, being the oldest, was originally meant to be the new queen of Tycoon, but she disappeared during a shipwreck, only to be found by pirates. Lenna then became the heir to the throne.

Later, the Queen was struck with a fatal illness. She wished to die however, since the only cure to her disease was the tongue of a Wind drake, and would cause the extinction of the dragons. Lenna however, attempts to get the Wind drake's tongue, being ultimately stopped by her father.

The beginning of the storyline is marked by the destruction of the Wind Crystal and the fall of the Tycoon meteorite. In the crash spot, Bartz Klauser saves Lenna from Goblins, and both find the amnesiac Galuf.

After the party meets the Wind drake at the North Mountain, they are able to return to Tycoon, where the counsellor begs Lenna to stay, at least until the next day. During the night, Lenna and Faris meet, which gives Lenna a slight impression that Faris is actually Sarisa.

Tycoon is only visited again when the party returns from the Alien World. With the return of the princesses of Tycoon, the ceremony of coronation takes place, since the king passed away at the Ronka Ruins. However, Bartz and Krile leave the ceremony, and later, Faris "escapes" her royal duties as well. Unfortunately, not much later, Exdeath uses the power of the Void to engulf Tycoon into it, with Lenna inside. Fortunately, it is restored after the defeat of Exdeath.




The Meteorite at Tycoon
Name Location
Phoenix Down Hidden path

Castle Tycoon

The Castle of Tycoon
Name Location
Hi-Potion First floor
Ether Fourth Floor
Elixir Fourth Floor
Elixir Study Room
Cottage Study Room
Phoenix Down Study Room
Phoenix Down Fourth Floor
Maiden's Kiss Fourth Floor
Shuriken Storehouse
Ashura Storehouse
Healing Staff Storehouse
Diamond Bell Storehouse
Cottage x2 Hidden storehouse alongside the right wall outside the castle.



Outside (Bartz's World)

Outside (Merged World)


"Royal Palace" from Final Fantasy V''
Image:FFV - Royal Palace.ogg
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Four Hearts plays as the background music for the Tycoon Meteorite crash site, while Royal Palace plays inside the Tycoon Castle. Tycoon Waltz can also be heard at the dance in the castle at the arrival of the Warriors of Light to Tycoon in the Merged World.


  • One of the rooms from the Online Lobby in Dissidia Final Fantasy is named Tycoon. It is also mentioned in Mognet, after choosing the right choice. A moogle will comment on large cage on the roof of the castle, declaring it "Scary."

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