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A Two-hour is a player coined term for most level 1 active job abilities in Final Fantasy XI. Some jobs get more than one level 1 ability, but each gets one and exactly one which may be used once every two (real) hours. This ability is generally among the most powerful available to the character regardless of level. Because of the high recast time, players tend to be reserved for moments of desperation or for special battles where a little extra damage or protection is needed quick.

All jobs have a two-hour which is unique to that job. Unlike all other active and passive abilities, a two-hour is not usable if the job in question is being used as a subjob (IE: a White Mage with a subjob of Black Mage cannot use Manafont). The Hyper-Notorious Monster known has Absolute Virtue is capable of using all of the two-hour abilities of the 15 jobs preset at the time of the Chains of Promathia expansion release, often in frequent succession, with additional effects beyond those of players, rendering it still (for, now, 4 years running) the game's only unbeatable foe.

Two-Hour Abilities by Job

  • Bard - Soul Voice - For a duration of 180 seconds, all Bard Songs are doubled in effectiveness and have a high probability of not being resisted by foes.
  • Beastmaster - Familiar - Increases all attributes of a Beastmaster's pet and makes charm perpetual within the current zone.
  • Black Mage - Manafont - For a duration of 30 seconds, all spells cast by a Black Mage cost 0 MP, and no MP is necessary to begin casting.
  • Blue Mage - Azure Lore - For a duration of 30 seconds, the user experiences increases in both the power and the potency of Blue Magic spells.
  • Corsair - Wild Card - Randomly rolls a number between 1 and 6. All outcomes reset recast timers on all abilities and spells for all party members within area-of-effect, with only returns of 5 or 6 resetting Two-Hour Abilities.
  • Dancer - Trance - Reduces the cost of dances and steps to 0.
  • Dark Knight - Blood Weapon - For a duration of 30 seconds, all of a user's successful physical attacks on foes will be matched in HP drained and subsequently added to the user's current HP. Undead foes are immune to Blood Weapon.
  • Dragoon - Spirit Surge - The user's Wyvern is automatically dismissed, and in exchange the Dragoon receives the following benefits for a duration of 60 seconds: Jump weakens a foe's defense; High Jump reduces a foe's TP proportionate to damage inflicted; Super Jump causes other party members in close proximity to have their enmity halved; the recast timers to all three Jumps are immediately reset; an HP boost of roughly 15%; HP and TP of Wyvern transferred to the Dragoon; boosts to Strength and Accuracy; and most noticeably Haste +25% (counted as Magic Haste).
    • Although Dragoon's Call Wyvern is not a two-hour ability, it once was Dragoon's two-hour before the addition of Spirit Surge. It remains to this day usable only by main-job Dragoons.
  • Monk - Hundred Fists - For a duration of 30 seconds, the user's weapon delay is cut by 75%; though used primarily with hand-to-hand weapons, the technique works with any weapon type usable by Monks.
  • Ninja - Mijin Gakure - The user effectively sacrifices himself, causing heavy non-elemental damage to foes proportionate to the user's HP. No experience points are lost upon being knocked out, and will be immediately brought back to life with 50% of their HP intact and no weakened status normally affiliated with K.O.
  • Paladin - Invincible - For a duration of 30 seconds, all of the physical damage incurred by the user is reduced to 0 (but not magical damage). This ability also produces a sizable amount of enmity for the Paladin.
  • Puppetmaster - Overdrive - Significantly increases all status parameters of the user's automaton and prevents Overload status.
  • Ranger - Eagle Eye Shot - The user launches an instantaneous ranged attack that deals 5 times the user's normal damage capacity to a foe.
  • Red Mage - Chainspell - For a duration of 30 seconds, all of the user's spells have both their casting times and recast timers reduced to 0 seconds, save for casting animations which naturally cause a 2-3 second delay between casts, therefore still disallowing casting while the user is in motion.
  • Samurai - Meikyo Shisui - The user's TP will instantly be set to 300%, and for a duration of 30 seconds Weapon Skills will only cost 100% TP to execute (normally a Weapon Skill uses all of the user's TP).
  • Scholar - Tabula Rasa - Gives the user the benefits of the Light Arts and Dark Arts abilities, optimizing Black and White Magics; also the ability allows the use of stratagems without using charges.
  • Summoner - Astral Flow - Allows the user to unfold a massive area-of-effect attack specific to the Avatar summoned when the ability was used, consuming all of the user's MP. These include Searing Light (Carbuncle), Aerial Blast (Garuda), Inferno (Ifrit), Diamond Dust (Shiva), Tidal Wave (Leviathan), Earthen Fury (Titan), Judgment Bolt (Ramuh), Howling Moon (Fenrir), and Ruinous Omen (Diabolos).
  • Thief - Perfect Dodge - For a duration of 30 seconds, as opposed to getting a mere astronomical boost to the Evasion stat, the user cannot be hit by physical attacks, even meriting a unique syntax in the game's dialogue box. Instead of "<Enemy> misses <User>," it will read "<User> dodges the attack."
  • Warrior - Mighty Strikes - For a duration of 30 seconds, all subsequent attacks, ranged attacks, physical job abilities, or weapon skills the user successfully lands on a foe will deal critical damage.
  • White Mage - Benediction - All party members within area-of-effect are instantly healed to full HP and relieved of all negative status ailments at no MP cost to the user. Like Invincible, this ability produces a large amount of Enmity.


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