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Members only? No, Other than Dragon and White
Primary attack type Slash
Secondary attack type Crush
Speed File:speed7.gif
A player wielding a Rune two-handed sword.

The Two-handed sword is one of the slowest but most powerful weapons in any metal set. It is a two-handed weapon, so it cannot be wielded with a shield, and is the only Free-to-play Melee weapon with this characteristic.

Two-handed swords are devastating in both Slash and Crush. Players should choose the primary slash against most opponents, and the secondary crush against opponents wearing plate armour, such as platebody and platelegs.

Players can buy two-handed swords in Gaius' Two Handed Shop in Taverley.

History and usage

The two-handed sword was the first choice of weapons in RuneScape Classic because there was no difference in speed between weapons, meaning someone could quickly and easily kill a player with this. After the transition to RuneScape 2, its popularity dropped because of the implementation of the aforementioned speed differences, making the Two handed Sword only capable of one strike in the time a scimitar could make two.

It is relatively common in F2P (Free To Play) player killing, where it is used to make finishing blows. Free to play rangers most often bring a two-handed sword to finish fights as they do not have a ranged weapon efficient in finishing blows. As a "surprise" weapon, it is similar to using the Obsidian maul, Granite maul, or Dragon dagger.

The old Rune Two Hand Sword with cape motion.

In a game update a while ago, the two-handed sword was given new, realistic, and more fluid animations. Before the major update, the two-handed swords were wielded in one hand leaning on the shoulder. About two years before that update they were held in one hand like a normal, right-handed weapon, and the hilts of the two-handed swords looked slightly different. However, Jagex improved this by giving it a more realistic look with actual two-handed wielding. Because of this, the price has increased, especially in the case of the Rune 2h sword, which some players were selling for as much as 90-100k (although the Exchange price is now about 58,000 coins). The two-handed sword is now the only weapon with different animations for every attack option. It is interesting to note that wielding any two-handed sword makes the player's cape (if any) billow in the breeze, a unique animation. NPCs that use two-handed swords often do not have the cape animation. Also, while wielding another weapon like a scimitar or battleaxe, the player seems to be right-handed (the weapon is held in the right hand). However, while wielding a two-handed sword, the player becomes left-handed (the sword is held closer to the left side and attack animations show a left-handed swing). Sometimes the game engine will reposition the sword so the player is holding it like a normal one-handed weapon. However, this only happens when the area that the player is in is very crowded, and the player must be standing still. It cannot happen during combat or normal activities.

Until an update in 2005,Two-Handed sword had a Stab attack style (Which was the "Accurate" style). Since It wasn't very logical for a person to stab with a heavy sword, Jagex later replaced it with a slash option.

Normal two-handed swords

Special two-handed swords

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