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Vault 29

leaders: ZAX-29

Vault 29 is one of the Vaults built by Vault-Tec. As part of the Vault Experiment, it was meant to be populated by young children.

Harold emerged from this Vault in 2090.

The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Twin Mothers is a small tribal village in the American southwest. They're the descendants of Vault 29, and their village is built on top of the Vault. The Vault itself ceased working long ago, but it's still a holy place to the Twin Mothers. Hecate has a powerful influence here, but the tribe hasn't completely fallen under her sway. The tribals worship the goddess Diana.



This Vault's experiment was devised by scientific genius Derek Greenway. He wanted the Vault to be populated by older parents with infant children. The parents would most likely pass on soon after insertion into the Vault. Instead of a human controller, Vault 29 would have a ZAX super-computer. The ZAX would be programmed to raise children with the aid of robotic helpers, educate them in a primitive culture, and upon their reaching maturity, release them into a controlled environment. They would then be free to rebuild society from the ground up.

At one point Greenway explained his plans for Vault 29 to Diana, the human brain connected to a powerful computer, to see what her opinion would be. He was quite surprised when Diana was appalled at the idea. She said that, although the idea had merit, she found it to be morally objectionable on several levels. She recommended that the plan be scrapped. When Derek refused to do so, Diana took it upon herself to become involved with the project without his knowledge.

When the war started and civilization began to fall apart, Diana appropriated control of a satellite dish and aimed it at Vault 29. She then transmitted a series of security codes to the Vault's ZAX unit, and gained control. Over the years that followed, Diana was able to see to the upbringing of the children in her own nature-goddess religion. Every year she ordered a worker robot to leave the vault under the pretext of checking conditions outside. In reality they were preparing an area to receive the Vault populace when they were ready to leave. Finally, she had a series of projectors installed at strategic locations, ready to project her chosen image. She was ready to play god.

Appearances in games

The Twin Mothers and Vault 29 did not appear nor were mentioned in any of the published games, but were to appear in the cancelled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle codenamed Van Buren. It is not certain if it will appear in any future Fallout game.


According to early Van Buren leaks, Twin Mothers was Vault 31. The change in Vault number has caused some inconsistencies between the Fallout Bible description and the design doc. According to the Fallout Bible, no one in this Vault was over the age of 15 when they entered, and parents were redirected to other Vaults on purpose, while according to the Twin Mothers design document, it was populated by older parents with infant children.


Van Buren (Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 3)
Vault-Tec Vaults

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