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Turtledove Detention Camp

Entry gate

World map: Point Lookout
map marker: Turtledove Detention Camp
sections: Bunkhouse A
Bunkhouse B
Interrogation Room A
Interrogation Room C
quests: The Velvet Curtain
cell name: DLC04CampShackBunkhouse01
ref id: xx00e794

Turtledove Detention Camp is a military camp located in Point Lookout.



During the War with China it was used as prison for detained Chinese nationals and suspected spies or saboteurs. Prisoners were kept in abysmal conditions, with outhouses being the only sanitary facilities available and spartan bunkbeds crammed into wooden houses serving as living quarters. Watchtowers with searchlights were erected at the perimeter while many Sentry Bots patrolled the perimeter.

The inmates were likely to be interrogated for information, with procedures including simple questioning, beating, electrical chair torture, body mutilation, and similar cheery ways of making conversation.

All dead bodies were stored in the morgue, beneath the administration building. Connected to the morgue was a crematorium, where bodies were disposed of once the morgue filled up.

It seems that just before (or on) 23rd October came, several Chinese prisoners escaped via the morgue drainage channel, with the remaining inmates rioting, ending up with them holing up in one of the bunkhouses. This is indicated by a barricade in Bunkhouse B, with several makeshift weapons accompanying the skeletons and skeletal remains in the drainage tunnel and its exit.


You will find many hostile Ghouls and many Sentry Bots outside of the Camp. Depending on your character level and the game difficulty, these ghouls can include any number of Swamp Ghouls, Feral Ghoul Roamers, Glowing Ones and Feral Ghoul Reavers. If you are spotted as many as 15 Ghouls will attack. However the ghouls will side with you in their "offensive" if you have the Ghoul Mask.

In addition, there are many security bots and turrets.


Turtledove detention camp had a back area that was used as a toxic dumping site, as indicated by the mount of waste barrels and detritus near the camp's western perimeter. This toxic crud permeated the swampy ground and has resulted in the sludge in and around the camp to be extremely toxic - much of the camp is permeated by rads. This toxic, radioactive enviornment lures ghouls to the region in scores - even after you initially clear the area out, they will continue to migrate to the camp. It was the toxic environment here, along with the mistreatment at the hands of the guards and interrogators, that caused the prisoners to revolt.

The toxins are particularly concentrated in a few areas, most notably a horrid chemical pool in the camp's center. Here, the chemicals bubble and churn constantly, giving off a foul gas that has a noted dose of rads and is so vile that you actually cannot drink it. Occasionally, the chemicals react unpredictably, causing large bubbles to form, only to foul the air with a sickening pop and a burst of gas moments later - but every once in a while, a bubble breaks free of the surface and bounces around for a few seconds before popping, adding a bit of strangeness.

These bubbles can be picked up and moved, but are also highly volatile; they will explode, like a Bio-Gas canister, if shot with energy weapons, incendiary weapons, or exposed to extreme heat or fire. Because of this, it is highly advised to avoid the center of the camp during the battle, lest a stray shot detonate a bubble, knock one down, and render an adventurer easy prey for the inordinately high number of Feral Ghouls in the region, which may include as many as 5 Reavers.


There already a number of Ghouls around the camp when approaching but once entering the actual camp you trigger another wave of Ghouls coming from all directions the amount and the kind of Ghouls is level depended.

Notable Loot


Bunkhouse A

  • 1 Stealth boy in the locker in front of you on shelf. Possibly another in the locker itself.


  • Contains the corpse of Wan Yang (TD-0181), Ashley Cheng (TD-0831) and Mei Shen (TD-0204)
  • If you enter the Septic Tunnel Access through the manhole in the back room, there is a footlocker with 2 Stealth Boys.


The Turtledove Detention Camp appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Behind the scenes

  • The camp's name and setting in history-rich Point Lookout may be a nod to author Harry Turtledove, a well-known author of alternate history novels.
Point Lookout (add-on)

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