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Turr Phennir
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Turr Phennir was an Imperial pilot and General. In 40 ABY, he became the Supreme Commander of the Confederation military.




Galactic Civil War

Phennir had an older brother (possibly DS-61-4) who was killed by Wedge Antilles at the Battle of Yavin, for which Phennir harbored a secret desire for revenge.

Some months later, Soontir Fel accepted Phennir into the 181st Imperial Fighter Group due to his skill as a pilot and dedication to the glory of the Empire. He played a major role in the Battle of Derra IV, having personnally destroyed four Rebel transports, an act for which he was promoted to Commander and given charge of the 181st's second squadron. Eventually, he became a Major and the fighter group's executive officer, and was made responsible for Saber Squadron's logistics. During the Battle of Endor, Phennir and his wingman were assigned to protect the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger.

Turr Phennir during the Battle of Endor.

Approximately six months after the Battle of Endor, Phennir and the 181st participated in the Battle of Brentaal. Here, Turr showed his loyalty and respect for the baron by asserting in a private conversation that he and the rest of the 181st would follow Fel if he wished to pursue independence as a warlord, opposing the rule of Ysanne Isard; Fel declined, stating their duty was still to the Empire and its people. Phennir accepted Fel's decision and carried out his orders. In the final stages of the battle, he engaged Rebel pilot Tycho Celchu in a dogfight but was ordered by Fel to break off and lead the 181st to a rendezvous with the Star Destroyer Eviscerator. After Fel was captured by New Republic forces, Phennir was elevated to command of the fighter group.

Nine years after Endor, Phennir, now a General, led a four-man team of Imperial pilots flying TIE Interceptors on a diplomatic mission to Cartann, Adumar's leading nation. Unlike his opposite number Wedge Antilles, Phennir adapted well to the bloodthirsty Adumari culture and gained the favor of Cartann's ruler. The other Adumari nations ultimately defeated Cartann, however, and Phennir barely escaped the planet with his life, escaping a space-battle where Wedge Antilles damaged the TIE Defender Phennir was now flying.

Second Galactic Civil War

In 40 ABY, Turr Phennir was appointed Supreme Commander of the Confederation military, taking control of the the combined fleets of the Confederation Fleet of the Confederation, in their war against the Galactic Alliance.

Phennir laid a trap for the Galactic Alliance Fleet at Gilatter VIII, but Jacen Solo warned the fleet of the minefields that they were about to enter, meaning that the battle became a straightforward and rather indecisive duel between the opposing fleets. Nevertheless, the Confederation quickly hailed the clash as a victory for Phennir.

Later, Phennir would blockade Corellia when Sadras Koyan fired Centerpoint Station at the Alliance Second Fleet. When Corellian Minister of Information Denjax Teppler asked Phennir to send reinforcements to Corellia, Phennir refused to do so until Koyan was removed, before sending a Commenori fleet to Corellia.

Continued service

Phennir continued to serve as the Supreme Commander of the Confederation and was present as the Confederation representative in the first meeting of the Unification Summit on Coruscant in 43 ABY. He attended alongside Natasi Daala of the Galactic Alliance and Jagged Fel of the Empire in an effort to reconcile the galactic divisions brought on by the Second Galactic Civil War.


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