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Turn on power for the Glow
location: The Glow
given by: none
reward: 1000 XP
Acces to Level 5
related: Become an initiate

Turn on power for the Glow is a Fallout quest.

In order to turn the power on for the Glow, you will need to make your way down through the levels, picking up the key access cards along the way. Once at level 6 you can repair the generator (requires high repair skill level) and then restart the power for the Glow.

Failed attempts to fix the power generator cause significant amounts of game time to pass. This can be extremely dangerous in the Glow as after 24 hours the player can catch a lethal radiated condition and die.

Not only is the XP (as always) a plus, but access to Level 5 of the complex grants the player the option of snagging the P94 Plasma Rifle. An additional 1000 XP are granted once the player arrives on Level 5.


You can easily repair(without trying more than once) the power back on with as low as a Repair skill of 55

Using a "tool" can significantly boost your chances of repairing the generator.

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