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Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma
Series: Companions of Doctor Who
Release Number: 1
Main Character: Turlough
Author: Tony Attwood
Publisher: Target Books
Publication: July, 1986
Format: Paperback Book, 221 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-426-20224-4
Previous Story:
Following Story: Harry Sullivan's War


Publisher's Summary

Of all the companions ever to travel with the Doctor in the TARDIS, Turlough was the most enigmatic and the most disturbing. Exiled from his home world, he saw the Doctor as a means of escape from Earth - and for that he was prepared to kill.

But just who was Turlough? And what happened to him after he left the Doctor?

Now Turlough has returned to Trion, but to a Trion much changed since his exile. Who are the mysterious Gardsormr? What is their secret purpose? And what is the shocking and terrifying link between Trion and planet Earth?



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  • Has the distinction of being the first Doctor Who novel (as opposed to novellas or short stories) which is not based on a televised story, leading the way for the later Virgin New Adventures book series. It is also the first Doctor Who-related novel in which the Doctor does not actually play a role. It is not, however, the first original Doctor Who-related fiction to be published by Target Books. That distinction belongs to the novella Daleks: The Secret Invasion by Terry Nation, included in the 1979 release Terry Nation's Dalek Special. Other original short fiction had been published by other companies as early as the mid-1960s, and a novella, Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space, had been published in 1966.
  • This was also the first single Target Books release to exceed 200 pages in length -- and the only "original format" Target release (discounting the later bumper editions near the end of the line) to be published at such a length.
  • Includes an introduction by Mark Strickson, the actor who played Turlough on television.


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