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Turbo MP, also known as MP Turbo or Magic Booster, is an ability that increases the power of magic spells at the cost of more MP usage.



Final Fantasy VII

MP Turbo is a Support Materia. It increases the power of paired magic and summon materia at the cost of spells costing 1.5x more than their normal cost.


Final Fantasy X

Magic Booster can be customized onto a character's weapon.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Soul of Thamasa accessory grants the Magic Booster ability, while in the International version, the Garment Grids Something Unique and Last Resort can grant Magic Booster by passing through the green gate on Something Unique, and by passing through the yellow gate on Last Resort.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Turbo MP can be learned by White Mages as a Support Ability through the White Robe. Turbo MP boosts damage and accuracy of most abilities, even some that don't require MP usage. However, MP-using spells cost double the MP when Turbo MP is equipped as a Support Ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Turbo MP returns with the same effect as from the previous game, but because of the new MP system, spells are thus less efficient, as they require twice as many turns to charge up for. This can be alleviated by using a Cannoneer, however.

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