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Turbo Ether in Final Fantasy VII.

The Turbo Ether (エーテルターボ, Ēterutābo), also known as X-Ether, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. It fully recovers the MP of one character, and thus is usually a very rare item.




Final Fantasy IV

This item is found very rarely in the game. It restores all MP to one character.

Final Fantasy VI

Effect Restores all MP.
Buy In N/A
Find In [WOR] Narshe (Umaro Cave)
[WOR] Ancient Castle
Steal From Laser Gun
Won From N/A
Morph From N/A
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy VII

Turbo Ether
Effect Restores all MP to a party member.
Buy in N/A
Find in Midgar (Sector 5 Slums (In the house with the kid who talks about the hidden drawer. Search the drawer, but don't take the money. Come back here after Wall Market, and talk to the kid.), Gi Cave, Nibelheim, Icicle Inn, Northern Crater, Bone Vilalge, Fort Condor (Win 8th and 9th battle [After Rocket Town and after getting Keystone]/x3)
Steal from Jersey, Golem, Land Worm, Poodler, Armored Golem, Death Dealer, Edge Head, Killbin, Land Worm, Mover , Search Crown
Won from Magic Pot, Ancient Dragon, Jersey , Mover, Sea Worm, Shadow Maker, X Cannon, Zemzeleet, Shake
Morph from Twin Brain, Beachplug, Bullmotor, Crazy Saw, Golem, Killbin, Scrutin, Zemzeleet
Cost N/A

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Turbo Ethers fully restore the MP of the player. They cannot be bought.

Final Fantasy X

Turbo Ether
Effect Restores 500 MP.
Buy in N/A
Find in N/A
Steal from Spherimorph, Seymour, Sanctuary Keeper, Spectral Keeper, Braska's F. Aeon
Won from N/A
Bribe Funguar, Thorn, Exoray
Other Calm Lands - Catcher Chocobo: Tie or beat your time, Unlock Bomb King (x60)
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy X-2

Turbo Ether
Effect Restores 500 MP.
Buy in Argent (Calm Lands) for 1,000 points.
Find in Mushroom Rock (Chapter 1 - Ravine, Chapter 2 - Ravine x2; Chapter 5 - Ravine x3), Macalania Woods (Chapter 1 - Central), Kilika Island (Chapter 1 - Pilgrimage road; Chapter 2 - Docks; Chapter 5 - Trials x2), Celsius (Chapter 4 - Engine Room x3; Chapter 5 - Engine Room x4), Thunder Plains (Chapter 4 - North; Chapter 5 - North x2), Mi'Ihen Highroad (Chapter 5 - Fiend Colony), Calm Lands (Chapter 5 - South, Ruin Depths x2), Farplane (Road to Farplane x2, Farplane Heart x3)
Steal from King VERMIN, Experiment, Vegnagun - Body, Aranea, Trema, Elder Drake (Oversoul), Mega Tonberry (Normal and Oversoul), Omega Weapon, Tonberry (Oversoul)
Won from N/A
Bribe From King VERMIN, Arast, Flan Azabache (Normal - Rare and Oversoul), Queen Coeurl (Oversoul)
Other N/A
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy Adventure

X-Ether is a restorative item, bought for 640 gil, that restores 15 MP.

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