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A Turbo Duel (Riding Duel in the Japanese anime) is a type of Dueling performed using "Duel Runner" motorcycles in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (in the Japanese version as "D-Wheels") or a "Duel Board". This type of Duel can be activated without the consent of the opponent.


Speed World

Speed World activates

To start a Turbo Duel, at least two players have to activate the "Speed World" Field Spell (later "Speed World 2"). "Speed World"/"Speed World 2" is a unique Field Spell Card that changes the gameplay of normal duels to create a Turbo Duel with additional rules and gameplay. When Speed World is activated, the duel field is covered in a purple dome caused by the effect of Speed World (No purple dome with "Speed World 2", although the scenery does change sometimes). Some Duel Runners have the ability to force other nearby Duel Runners into a Turbo Duel by activating the other player's "Speed World" card forcefully.

Normally, to allow a player to focus on a Duel, when a Turbo Duel is engaged, the Duel Runners enter autopilot. This autopilot can be toggled on or off to add to the challenge of needing to steer the Duel Runner manually while handling the cards.

During each of either player's Standby Phases, 1 Speed Counter is placed on both player's "Speed World", although in the anime they do not place a counter on the first turn; in the video games featuring turbo duels, you do. Also, there are cards which can either decrease or increase the number of Speed Counters on "Speed World". There are even cards that can even prevent either player from accumulating Speed Counters. When you take damage, for each multiple of 1000 damage you take, you lose 1 Speed Counter. With "Speed World 2", however, you don't.

"Speed World" also inflicts 2000 damage to a player's Life Points whenever that player would activate a non-"Speed Spell" Spell Card in a duel. The video game Stardust Accelerator possesses the characteristic of restricting this particular rule; as the condition when editing your Deck for Turbo Duels, is that it may not contain any non-Speed Spell Spell Cards. This is because "Speed World" instead prevents either player from activating non-"Speed Spell" Spell Cards.

As for the anime series itself regarding this subject, for the moment this particular rule hasn't occurred, as the duelists have either played Speed Spells or balanced the limited usage of these cards by using more Trap Cards instead. However, regular Spell Cards, such as Reload and Star Blast have been seen in the hands of duelists during Turbo Duels.

Speed Counter

Speed Counters are only used in Turbo Duels. This kind of counter is used by "Speed World" and it enables for both players to gain speed counters on either of each player's Standby Phase of the turn (max 12). The Speed Counters affect the actual speed of your Duel Runner. Most Speed Spells requires a minimum number of Speed Counters to be present, and some also require you to pay counters. These counters are referred to on the Duel Runner's display monitor as "SPC".

Turbo Duel Specific Cards


Speed Spell

A Speed Spells (right) shown over a normal Spell (left)

"Speed Spells" are a category of Spell Cards that work with the Field Spell Card "Speed World". To activate a "Speed Spell" Spell Card, you must meet the requirements on a specific card. In most cases, this is simply having enough Speed Counters, though there are other requirements based on the numbers of counters you or your opponent have. Some Speed Spells can be activated without any requirement or cost, but the majority do need requirements.

Other Cards

Some anime-only cards in the anime can only be used in a Turbo Duel, due to its relation with Speed Counters or Speed Spells.

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