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The image of Tumeken at the Pharaoh Queen tomb.

Tumeken, sometimes referred to in Menaphite texts as the Lord of Light and the God of the Sun, is the god of light, who shaped the Kharidian Desert, the husband of Elidinis, and the father of Icthlarin and Amascut. Tumeken is based on the Egyptian god Ra, who was god of the sun. He is described by Senliten as "The sun that gives life and punishes".

When the Runescape-based game "Armies of Gielinor" was released on Jagex's Funorb website on the 16th of January 2009, the front page had stacked pillars depicting the followers and the symbols of the six gods whose followers you are able to control. Of those, only Menaphites (Followers of Tumeken) and Seren were previously unknown. The figure for Tumeken, a jackal-headed man, was flanked by a circle with a dot in the centre - a symbol that in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs was the symbol for "Ra". As the Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak and Bandos symbols were in the same locations for their respective followers, it is likely that this is Tumeken's symbol.

However, this leads to some confusion. Tumeken appears to have the head of an eagle, like the Egyptian god Horus, in the below picture, while Icthlarin has the head of a jackal. FunOrb appears to have chosen Icthlarin to "represent" the Menaphite Pantheon. Although it would make more sense to choose the father god, they perhaps chose Icthlarin because more people have heard of him, as his name is in a quest, "Icthlarin's Little Helper".

Some people believe that Tumeken is one of the Elder Gods, because he created most of the Menaphite Pantheon in Tumeken's Dream while retaining his godhood and life (Zaros' power was also drained to create another god, Zamorak, but he appears to have died or, at the very least, lost most of his divinity. Tumeken remains more powerful than his progeny).

Ra (on Wikipedia) Crondis Scabaras Elidinis Amascut (a/k/a Devourer Tumeken Icthlarin Het Apmeken
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From top clockwise:Crondis, Scabaras, Amascut, Tumeken, Icthlarin (The river represents Elidinis), Het, Apmeken.

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