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The village of Tule

Tule (トゥール Tūru) is a village in Final Fantasy V. It is the first village visited in the game.



Bartz, Lenna, and Galuf arrive here to talk to a friend of King Tycoon's named Zok in order to obtain the key to the gate leading to Walse Tower. Although he refuses to hand over the key, he asks them to spend the night.

However, during the same night, Zok hands the key over to Bartz, after knowing about the party's quest to protect the Crystals.


Tule's Armor Shop

Armor Shop

Name Cost
Leather Shield 90 gil
Leather Cap 50 gil
Leather Armor 80 gil

Weapon Shop

Tule's Weapon Shop
Name Cost
Broadsword 280 gil
Rod 200 gil
Staff 200 gil

Item Shop

Tule's Item Shop
Name Cost
Potion 40 gil
Tent 250 gil

Magic Shop

Tule's Magic Shop
Name Cost
Fire 150 gil
Blizzard 150 gil
Thunder 150 gil
Cure 180 gil
Libra 80 gil
Poisona 90 gil


Tule's Pub
The Beginner's Hall
Name Location
Leather Shoes Beginner's Hall
100 Gil Beginner's Hall
Tent Beginner's Hall
Tent Outside Zok's House
Phoenix Down Beginner's Hall
Potion Beginner's Hall
Potion Outside Zok's house
Ether Beginner's Hall
Leather Shoes Outside
Phoenix Down Outside
150 Gil Outside


Outside (Bartz's World)

Tule in Bartz's World Overworld

Outside (Merged World)

Tule in the Merged World Overworld


"Town Theme" from Final Fantasy V''
Image:FF5 Town Theme.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

Like in many towns, Tule's background theme is the "Town Theme" (街のテーマ Machi no Tēma).

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