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Character design
Sprite(s) Battle sprite Tsukinowa's portrait
Japanese Name Tsukinowa
Kana ツキノワ
Romaji Tsukinowa
Job Ninja
Skill Ninjutsu, Steal
Birthplace Eblan
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Laterality Ambidextrous
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character

Tsukinowa is one of the Eblan Four in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and is known as Tsukinowa of Wind. He is a ninja boy whose skill would put an adult to shame. He's as quick-witted and agile as the wind, just as his alias implies.



When Eblan receives word of Baron stealing Crystals from the other nations, the Eblan Four become eager to assist Edge, and they are sent on missions to gather information. Tsukinowa, under the alias of "Lapin", travels to Mysidia as a young student of magic. After a classmate turns him into a toad, Tsukinowa sneaks into the Tower of Prayers and eavesdrops on a conversation between Porom and a group of mages. Porom heads to Mount Ordeals with a Black and White Mage, unbeknownst of the fact that Tsukinowa is following her. Tsukinowa seems to care for Porom during the mission, and sympathizes with her worry for Palom. After the mission is completed, he returns to Eblan by walking across the sea. He reunites with Edge and the other Eblan Four within the Tower of Babil. After being forced to escape from the Mysterious Girl and Ifrit, they fall into the Underworld and land on the Falcon.

In the Gathering Tale, Tsukinowa watches over Porom and the other incapacitated characters below the Falcon's deck. During the ending, he is seen again as a toad in Mysidia. He quietly cheers for Porom when she and her brother are promoted to the elders of Mysidia. Back in Eblan, Tsukinowa and the other ninjas renew their vows of loyalty to Edge, and await their next mission.

Equipment and Stats

Like Edge, Tsukinowa can Dual Wield, and is the only one of the Eblan Four that can do so.

Tsukinowa is the fastest character in the game, and can achieve 65 Speed at Level 99.


Tsukinowa in battle.

Tsukinowa can use the Steal ability to steal items from enemies, in addition he can also use the following Ninjutsu techniques:

Spell Learned
Gale Already known
Mirage Already known
Heal Pill Already known
Restore Weed Level 21
Smoke Level 33
Tremor Level 42

Tsukinowa is able to perform band abilities with the entire Eblan Ninja Force and the twin mages due to his time undercover in Mysidia.

  • Wild Moon: Tsukinowa (Attack) + Edge (Attack)
  • Gale Rush: Tsukinowa (Ninjutsu) + Zangetsu (Ninjutsu)
  • Healing Wind: Tsukinowa (Ninjutsu) + Porom (White Magic)
  • Rapid Fire: Tsukinowa (Attack) + Ceodore (Attack) + Palom (Black Magic)
  • Wheel of Elements: Tsukinowa (Ninjutsu) + Zangetsu (Ninjutsu) + Izayoi (Ninjutsu) + Gekkou (Ninjutsu)
  • Ultimate Art: Advent of the Phoenix: Edge (Grab & Smash) + Gekkou (Shuriken) + Izayoi (Illusions) + Zangetsu (Human Kite) + Tsukinowa (Steal)


Main article: Tsukinowa (Boss)

Tsukinowa is fought as a boss, along with the remaining Eblan Four, at the beginning of Edge's Tale, as part of a training session.


His name literally means "moon halo" (月の輪, tsukinowa). The alias that Tsukinowa uses when he is sent to spy in Mysidia, "Lapin", is French for "rabbit". This possibly references that he is the fastest of the Eblan Four.

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