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Tsui Choi
Biographical information



19 BBY, Kessel

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Green [1]

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known apprentices

Theen Fida

"Whatever our fate, let us meet it as Jedi."
―Tsui Choi

Tsui Choi was a male Aleena who served as a Jedi Master in the final years of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, he accepted the position of a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic.

He was known to have been a skilled pilot and diplomat throughout his career as a Jedi. During Order 66 Choi was stationed on Eriadu, but managed to survive the initial executions. However, approximately one month after the end of the Clone Wars, he was killed by a barrage of fire from clone troopers during a confrontation with Darth Vader on Kessel, along with a number of other Jedi who had also survived Order 66.[2]




Yinchorri Uprising

"Stay alert, Theen. This is a perfect setup for an ambush."
―Tsui to his apprentice Theen.
Saesee Tiin and Tsui Choi just after Micah Giiett's death.

In the years leading up to the Yinchorri Uprising, Choi took Theen Fida as his Padawan. In 33 BBY, Choi volunteered to go to Yitheeth as part of a Jedi task force consisting of himself, Theen Fida, Adi Gallia and Eeth Koth. While on board a Consular-class cruiser, the four Jedi crash-landed on the oceanic world of Yitheeth—fortunately, both Choi and Fida were skilled swimmers. Once the Jedi had regrouped, they returned to their mission, which was to find the Yinchorri head quarters—however, after a skirmish with some Yinchorri warriors, they realized the HQ was not on the planet, and that they had walked into an enemy ambush.[3]

Choi and the other Jedi managed to fight their way through the ambush and find transport off the planet. The four Jedi then traveled to the nearby planet of Yibikkoror, where Micah Giett, Plo Koon, Lilit Twoseas and her Padawan K'Kruhk were carrying out a similar mission as that of Tsui. The two groups of Jedi met, and set a course for Yinchorr, where Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Saesee Tiin were busy holding off a massive Yinchorri attack. Tsui and the other Jedi joined the fight, and during the ensuing battle, Theen Fida was killed by the Yinchorri. Tsui caught Holmar Grahrk trying to steal a Consular-class cruiser to escape Yinchorr, and discovered that Holmar was working in unison with his cousin, Vilmarh Grahrk. Choi later attended the funeral of his Padawan on Coruscant, who, along with Lilit Twoseas and Micah Giett, had died defending the Republic.[3]

Clone Wars

"Perhaps Jedi are not so easy to kill when they know who their enemies are."
―Tsui Choi
Tsui Choi flying his Jedi Starfighter during the First Battle of Kamino.

Tsui went on to become a General during the Clone Wars, leading Red Squadron into battle during the Defense of Kamino. The Jedi's battle plan assigned Tsui's squadron with the task of taking on the attacking Droid fighters, while Blue Squadron, under the command of Obi-Wan Kenobi, attacked incoming troop transports. During the battle, Master Kossex of Red Squadron was shot down and was killed instantly.[4].

Tsui Choi fighting alongside Kai Justiss and Sian Jeisel during the Clone Wars.

Later in the war, Master Choi was one of several Jedi who were on the Republic Troopship VCD987. While en route to the planet Drongar, VCD987 came under attack by an immensely superior Separatist force and sustained massive damage to its engines—with the engines no longer functioning, Separatist troops, under the leadership of Count Dooku, boarded the ship and cornered Tsui, Kai Justiss and Sian Jeisel. In an attempt to appear merciful and thus sway Jedi to the Separatist cause, Dooku allowed the captured Jedi to go free, instead choosing to only kill the clones which were aboard the ship instead.[5]

During the Battle of Kashyyyk coordinated by Master Yoda, Tsui Choi and a team of Aleenan scouts performed reconnaissance missions riding can-cells through the wild terrains of the planet.[6][7][8]

Great Jedi Purge

"Many deaths are on your hands—and many more will stain them if you are simply allowed to walk away."
―Tsui speaking to Darth Vader.
Tsui Choi kills his clone commander.

Tsui Choi survived Order 66, and managed to evade and kill his clone trooper commander, and a squad of clone troopers, on Eriadu during the first month of the Great Jedi Purge. He was eventually reunited with fellow Jedi survivor Bultar Swan, and engineered a rendezvous on Kessel with six other Jedi survivors. The other Jedi, particularly Koffi Arana, wanted to strike back at Palpatine and Darth Vader, but Tsui disagreed, refusing to go down the path which would lead to the dark side. However, Tsui was shocked to learn that Master Shadday Potkin had leaked information to Darth Vader that Obi-Wan Kenobi would be present at the Conclave. Tsui originally didn't want to fight Vader, but after Sia-Lan Wezz was killed, he told Bultar he had no other choice, and threw himself into the battle. During the ensuing fight, he managed to slice off Vader's robotic hand with his lightsaber. Despite losing his hand, Vader managed to kill Sia-Lan Wezz, Ma'kis'shaalas, Koffi Arana and Shadday Potkin. Although many Jedi were lost, Tsui, along with Roblio Darte and Jastus Farr, used the Force to launch a barrage of boulders at the Dark Lord.[2]

With Vader outmaneuvered and apparently outnumbered, Tsui was left with no choice but to strike down the fallen Jedi. However, before he could do so, Imperial stormtroopers arrived. Initially, Tsui was able to block their shots, and Roblio Darté shielded himself with a piece of rubble. Tsui leapt up to the balcony where the troopers were standing, but before he could cut them down, Vader used a Force Grip on him, holding him in mid-air. Tsui, knowing that he was close to death, launched one last attack against Vader by throwing his lightsaber at Vader, cutting a hole in his helmet. Immediately thereafter, Tsui was gunned down by the stormtroopers, and Vader released his Force Grip allowing the body to fall to the ground.[2]

When the Galactic Empire emerged, "official" records compiled by Sate Pestage stated that Choi was executed for illegal spice trafficking.[9]

Personality and traits

The death of Tsui Choi.

Tsui Choi was a peaceful Jedi Master, and was not fond of conflict though he used his green lightsaber when it was required of him. Tsui was a brave and noble being, who would gladly give up his life to save the lives of others. He was considered for a place on the Jedi Council due to his diplomatic, wise, and insightful way. However, for reasons unknown, the tiny Aleena never joined the Council.

Powers and abilities

Like Yoda, who was of similar stature, Choi used his small size to his advantage in combat, and incorporated a wide range of acrobatic feats and quick attacks when he fought, which he gained through his mastery of Ataru. Before he died, he was shown capable of holding his own against Darth Vader in a duel with lightsabers.[10]

Behind the scenes

Tsui Choi riding a can-cell

Tsui Choi, an Expanded Universe character, almost made an appearance in Revenge of the Sith as one of the Jedi Council members. However, this appearance was taken out after it was decided that Shaak Ti wouldn't be killed on the Invisible Hand as originally planned.[11] Choi can still be seen riding a can-cell during the Battle of Kashyyyk.[8]

All of his dialogue in the comics is written in sentence case, even though all other speech is written in all capital letters.

Randy Stradley originally planned to make the character a Vulptereen, the species of the podracer Dud Bolt in The Phantom Menace. He was told by Lucasfilm that the Vulptereen were too un-intelligent to become a Jedi, so settled on the species of another Podracer, Ratts Tyerell, instead.[12]

In April 2008, a figure of himself was released along with a yellow BARC Trooper by Hasbro as part of the Target Store Exclusive Order 66 series 2.


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Tsui Choi
Biographical information



64 BBY

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
"Trust you? Trust you?!?!? Because of you, we are to try and recover from your clumsy and foolish accidents with Grievous. Why should we even trust you to be a general?"
—Tsui Choi to Ki-Adi-Mundi after he offers to go to Kashyyyk

Tsui Choi was an Aleena Jedi Master who served on the Jedi Council and participated in the Clone Wars



Clone Wars

After the death of Tarados Gon at the hands of General Grievous, Tsui Choi, the famed Aleena Jedi General, was appointed a seat on the Jedi Council. When Ki-Adi-Mundi volunteered to go to Kashyyyk, Choi reminded Mundi that it was his fault Grievous was still alive and asked why the council bothered with his foolish actions. However, Mundi was allowed to go after Yoda explained that it was not Mundi's fault and that the council appreciated his services in the Jedi Order. Choi remained on Coruscant to protect the Jedi Temple.

Behind the scenes

  • Even though Choi is a main character in Clash of the Titans, in Star Wars Episode II: Alternate Army he can still be seen on Geonosis.


  • Alternate Universe
    • Star Wars Episode II: Alternate Army
    • Star Wars Episode III: Clash of the Titans

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