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Tsaa Qalu
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26 ABY

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Yuuzhan Vong



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New Jedi Order era


Yuuzhan Vong Empire

"Truth is essential to a hunter, Rapuung. If you underestimate the prey because you lie to yourself, you will become prey yourself. The infidels are corrupt, yes, and most are weak. But some are worthy, as they have proven time and time again. It is utterly foolish to say otherwise."
―Tsaa Qalu to his subordinate.

Tsaa Qalu was a male Yuuzhan Vong of the warrior caste, one of the chosen elite within his caste known as Hunters. In 26 ABY, he was serving as a commander with the forces occupying the world of Wayland.


Tall and lean by Yuuzhan Vong standards, with a web tattoo across his face, ears sliced into three lobes, and three holes in either cheek, Tsaa Qalu was a proud warrior, sincere in his adherence to his Yuuzhan Vong ideals but respectful of infidels and generally contemptuous of the priest and shaper castes. He allowed the Jedi Klin-Fa Gi and Uldir Lochett to escape the system, in order to hunt them aboard his personal ship, the Throat Slasher, pursuing what he believed would be a greater hunt.

He tracked Lochett's ship, the No Luck Required, to a deep space waypoint where its crew were engaged in rescuing Klin-Fa Gi's Jedi comrade Bey Gandan from a Yuuzhan Vong slave transport. He pounced eagerly on the infidel ship, and was engaged in combat with it when he was contacted by Master Shaper Viith Yalu, who explained that Gandan was now their agent, and that the short-term survival of the No Luck Required was vital in a Yuuzhan Vong plan to sabotage bacta production.

Contacting Gandan via the villip implanted in his brain, he played a covert role in helping the infidels free the crippled slave transport from a black hole, and took the No Luck Required's Dug gunner, Leaft, as a captive. Pursuing the infidels to Thyferra, he was killed along with his crew when Leaft escaped and crashed the Throat Slasher into a mountainside.



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