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"True North" is the pilot episode of Star Trek: Pendragon. Five years after the Federation Civil War, Starfleet sends the USS Pendragon to restore order in the Demilitarized Zone.



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Alexandria, USS; Andor; Antimatter injectors; ch'Aarthlinn, Tharshajef; Aries, USS; Bajor; Beachmont, USS; Caar; Canapp, Christina; Cannon, James; Christopher Pike, USS; Coleman, Mark; Colorado; Deep Space 9; Empok Nor; Enclave J-12; Enterprise-E, USS; Forge, The; Gol; Gorman, Joshua; Hofmann, Jonathan; Hofmann, Joshua; Jellico, Edward; Jem'Hadar; Lakota, USS; Leyton, James; Nechayev, Alynna; Neumann, Michael; Orions; Pendragon-class; Picard, Jean-Luc; Rice, Andrew; Riniker, Benjamin; San Francisco; San Francisco Fleet Yards; ShiKahr; Shive, Justin; Sinclair ranch; Sinclair, Jean; Sinclair, Jeffrey; Sinclair, Timothy; Sinclair, Tyler; Smith, Robert; Smith, Shawn; Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program; Starfleet Headquarters; Starfleet Intelligence; Starfleet Marines; Starfleet SEALs; Strube, Anthony; Svek; Tecklenberg, Steve; Thornton, Brady; Titan; Twining, Paul; Twining, Russell; Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards; Vulcan; Vulcan Space Central; warp core breach

Background notes

  • Originally written in 2000 and published on the Trek Writer's Guild website. As of 2006, "True North" is undergoing a rewrite.
  • Though it is chronologically the first Pendragon story, it was the second one written. An early draft of the episode "L'Morte d'Maquis" had been written in 1999.
  • The title for the episode was inspired by the Twila Paris song of the same name.

External links

  • An early draft of this episode at The Trek Writer's Guild.
  • True North draft at the temporary Star Trek: Pendragon website.

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