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The True Moon is one of the two moons which orbits the Earth in Final Fantasy IV, the other being the smaller, artificial Red Moon. It is not named and does not become relevant to the plot until the latter chapters of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, when it begins to draw closer to Earth, affecting it with its gravity and threatening to collide with it.

It is ultimately revealed that the True Moon is occupied by the Creator, who uses it as a vessel to travel across the cosmos, observing worlds through the Crystals and conducting experiments involving the evolution of life. Those worlds which the Creator deems to produce inferior lifeforms are devoured by the True Moon, and Earth is one such planet.

The True Moon on the World Map

The True Moon acts as the final dungeon of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and is comprised of 43 floors divided into three areas: the Subterrane (BF1 - BF13), the Depths (BF1 - BF29), and the Extreme Depths. It is also reportedly the location of the game's Developer's Office.

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