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True Jedi Alliance
Organizational information
Governing body

True Jedi High Council



Official language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard

Affiliated organizations



Dark side of the Force

Notable locations/temples

Mandatory exile

Historical information
Date of founding

12 ABY

Planet of founding

Yavin 4

Date of collapse(s)

53 ABY

Other information

The True Jedi Alliance (or TJA) was a group that broke away from the New Jedi Order a year after its construction. It was organized by Vrool Katare and Ouiga Vod as a Sith cult, but disguised itself as a group of "nobler" Jedi. Its creation was aided by Kugahtaro Leihai, and Ralka Naegontuh, who were unaware of its true purpose. They stole a YV-100 that was docked at the conclave and headed for Anzat. The Order ignored them at first, believing they were too small to cause a problem.




Beginnings (12 ABY - 19 ABY)

On Anzat, the TJA tried desperately to recruit more members, but failed. They stayed without success, and soon left for Kegan. They stayed another month here and still found no support. They then went to Gand, where they got their first member, Jero Kolfin, who bought them a custom YT-2570. This brought them a string of succesful recruiting drives, although they spent at least a month on each planet. Next they flew to Nar Shaddaa, where Leihai saved Evon Gane from some bounty hunters, who promptly joined the group.

They then began moving much faster throughout the galaxy, only spending a few days on each planet. They visited several planets and grew rapidly until they ended up at Onderon, by which time it was 19 ABY. They stayed in the town of Iziz, and when a flock of drexls sneaked inside the dome, Evon swiftly killed them in an impressive enough way to get him promoted and sent on his mandatory exile.

About 5 months later, the New Jedi Order finally deemed them a threat, and sent a swarm of fighters to destroy them. Vrool used the chaos of the battle to dispose of Leihai, since he thought that he would never be seduced by the dark side of the Force. They fought off the ships and escaped to Ambria, though their ship was severly damaged. On Ambria, they bought a YV-545, and continued their trek across the galaxy, since they thought Ralka had been killed in the battle.

Growth and Defeat (19 ABY - 36 ABY)

The TJA continued traveling around the galaxy looking for members, and grew quickly thanks to frequent use of mind tricks. By 28 ABY their ship was completely out of room, so they decided to set up their first permanent base on Ossus. When the New Jedi Order set up their own temple there, part of the reason for its location was to help search for the Alliance's hideout, which was hidden by Katare using the Sith cloak technique. Ouiga Vod stayed to watch the temple while Katare continued to recruit members. In 34 ABY they outgrew both the Ossus temple and their ship, so another base was set up on Kuat, watched over by Jero, who had secretly become a Sith by then.

In 36 ABY, Vod's spies on Ossus overheard Luke Skywalker's plan to hold a meeting with all of the NJO's members there. Vod immediately contacted Katare, who began organizing his own plan to launch their first attack during this meeting. Katare waited patiently, and as soon as Luke gave a Force cry he did as well, summoning all of the TJA to Ossus. Well over 100 people gathered at the temple, including Evon and Ralka, who were thought to be dead. They all agreed to fight, and charged on the NJO's stronghold just as its attendees were leaving, starting the First Battle of Ossus. Fighting quickly erupted throughout the area. Katare went to personally fight Luke Skywalker. During the battle Evon accused Ralka of being a Sith, and was quickly killed by her. Then she was accidentally killed by her former Jedi Master at the Order. Vod, Hokvet, and all of the other Alliance members were also killed, accept for Katare and Kolfin, who retreated from the disastrous effort.

Rebuilding (36 ABY - 47 ABY)

Katare and Kolfin spent the next few years slowing rebuilding the TJA, though progress was significantly slower than before due to the well-publicized defeat on Ossus (only 3 New Jedi Order Jedis had been killed, and only 10 were injured). In 41 ABY they recruited Evon's son, Toven, who was their 30th member. Toven quickly gained favor with Katare due to his logical thinking, and in 46 ABY he replaced Kolfin as Vrool's right-hand man. Toven proved to be a great leader, gaining the group another 15 members by 47 ABY.

Final Defeat (47 ABY - 53 ABY)

But in 47 ABY Toven realized that some of Katare's orders were getting unusually cruel, and soon started spying on his leader. He found several incriminating facts about him, and by 49 ABY he was sure that Vrool was a Sith. He began wondering on how he should stop him, and couldn't decide since TC-54 had taught him his father's ideal of non-violence. He spent the next few years wondering if he could overthrow Katare in the Alliance. In 52 ABY Jero tried to exact vengeance on Toven, but Katare defended him and slayed Kolfin.

But in 53 ABY Vrool found one of Toven's spying devices and traced it back to him. The High Master immediately attacked Toven, who was quickly overwhelmed. But Toven's best friend and his girlfriend stepped in at the last moment, saving Toven's life. The trio teamed up on Katare, but he still proved too powerful. One made a desperate move, charging at Vrool and stabbing in him in the stomach. His attack landed, but the Sith took the opportunity and killed him. But Katare was significantly weakened by the blow, and Toven and his girlfriend were able to defeat him. Toven decided to imprison Katare, but he was able to break free, even in his poor condition. The two chased him, and the Sith almost got away until he jumped off an elevated ledge in an attempt to grab onto a speeder that was flying by, but stumbled and fell to his death. Toven, as the new leader, dissolved the True Jedi Alliance the next day.


Important Members

Other members

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