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Truck Hustle
Triad's Truck
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Phil Bell
Location: Leftwood & Westdyke In Alderney
Target: Triad's Heroin Truck
Conditions of mission failure: Lose The Truck or The Truck Is Destroyed
Reward: $11,000
Unlocks: Catch the Wave, Pegorino's Pride & Procedural Assassin Missions
Unlocked by: Late Checkout

In this mission, Ray Boccino introduces Niko to Pegorino associate Phil Bell, who will ask you to steal a truck loaded with heroin from a Chinese gang. This heroin is likely to be the one brought on the Platypus and which Hossan speaks about. It is also believed that it is the same heroin featured in the missions Action/Reaction and later This Shit's Cursed in The Lost and Damned .


After the cutscene, you are instructed to head to an alley beside Long John Avenue. When you arrive and walk into the yellow arrow, another cutscene engages, showing the Triads arriving. You are given instructions to steal a Mule in which the heroin is loaded. You are then thrown into a shootout. The shootout is the only way to obtain the truck, as you cannot sneak and steal the truck. It is best to have Body Armor on because some of the goons have powerful weapons, although the brick wall provides good cover from them.

Take out the Carbine Rifle or Rocket Launcher and use the element of surprise to eliminate as many goons as you can. Do not get out of cover before most, if not, all of the men are down. Destroy the vehicles as the men use them as cover. Once the way is clear, run to the Triads' truck at the back while shooting any last goons. A Triad driver enters the truck and floors the gas pedal. Run to the back of the truck. A cutscene shows brave Niko jumping onto the truck as it's swerving through traffic.

Repeatedly tap the Run button to make Niko climb the truck. As Niko is climbing, use the controls shown to keep a good grip on the truck. Once Niko gets to the front of the truck's roof, a cutscene starts. Niko smashes open the passenger window and gets into the truck. The Triad tries to shoot Niko with a handgun. Niko fights with the gun and manages to turn it around and shoot the Triad out of the truck.

Once you regain Niko's control, pick up the pistol ammo and get back into the truck. Drive it around a few corners and then go up Frankie's hill. (Phil's nephew) The hill path will lead straight to the nephew, and in the ending cutscene Niko hands over the drugs. Once the mission is complete, get on the nearby dirt bike,or you can get the Sultan RS at the rear of the garage and get out of Phil's nephew's yard, and ride around for fun.

This mission unlocks the assassin missions.
Niko battles with the Triads

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