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The Tropical Island.
The Tropical Island on the World Map.

The Tropical Island (南の島 Minami no Shima, lit. "Island of the South"), also known as Black Mask Cave, is a dungeon in Final Fantasy II. The party travels here in order to obtain the Black Mask, which was formerly worshipped by tropical islanders. On the fourth floor of the dungeon, there is a staircase that leads outside of the cavern. Here, members of a strange masked tribe make their home, and those in red garb sell the party equipment and consumable items.



On their quest for the Crystal Rod and the Ultima Tome, Firion and his friends reach the island, finding it is completely deserted and descend into the island's cave. By defeating a group of Big Horns, they claim the Black Mask. After obtaining this treasure and the White Mask, the heroes head to the Cave of Mysidia to find the artifact that will grant them entrance to the Mysidian Tower.



General Store

The Village of the Tropical Island tribe
Item Cost
Origins Dawn of Souls
20th Anniversary
Demon Axe 10,000 gil 8,000 gil
Demon Spear 10,000 gil 8,000 gil
Ruby Cuirass 800 gil 600 gil
Gaia Drum 8,000 gil 3,000 gil

Item Shop

Item Cost
Origins Dawn of Souls
20th Anniversary
Potion 50 gil 30 gil
Antidote 200 gil 30 gil
Hi-Potion 500 gil 150 gil
Ether 2,500 gil 1,000 gil


Item Location
Hi-Potion B1
Hi-Potion B1
Eye Drops B1
Ether B1
Spider's Silk B1
Sleepgrass B2
Spider's Silk B3
Scourge Tome B2
Scourge Tome B2
Blind Tome B2
Blind Tome B2
Garlic B3
Phoenix Down B3
Sleepgrass B5
Sleepgrass B5
Gaia Drum B5
Death Idol B5
1000 Gil B4
Blind Tome B4
Black Mask B5


Tropical Island's battle background.


The Background Music that plays inside the Tropical Island is called "Dungeon", while "Ancient Castle" plays during Firion's visit to the indigenous village.


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