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"Lady Yuna, we've been expecting you. We were surprised you decided to come so soon. Pleasantly surprised, of course. Lord Seymour sends his apologies for having left without notice."

Tromell is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. He is a Guado and is the servant of the Guado Leaders.

For many, many years Tromell was the servant of the beloved Maester Jyscal Guado. When he suddenly passed away, Tromell served his son, Seymour Guado, the whole time convinced that Seymour was a good person.


Final Fantasy X

Tromell first meets Yuna and her Guardians in Guadosalam, where he welcomes them. He explains that Seymour is the child of a Guado and a human, and with his newfound status as Master of Yevon, will become the tie that binds the two races together.

Later on, in the Macalania Temple, the party found out the truth; that Seymour killed his father, Jyscal. The party fights and defeats Seymour, and he dies. Shortly after this, Tromell and some other Guado enter, shocked and enraged to find their leader dead at the party's hands. Though he views a Movie Sphere proving Seymour murdered his father, he destroys it to keep the incident a secret and sends the Guado after them to "avenge his death", saying "The Guado deal with Guado affairs".

Seymour will eventually return to Spira as an unsent. Ultimately, he murders almost the entire Ronso race when they impede his pursuit of the party up Mt. Gagazet, leaving the remaining Ronso despising the Guado.

"If it would please you to harm a defenseless old man...then burn me, boil me, it matters not. Lord Seymour is gone. No lord rises to take his place. The Guado merely wait for Sin to come and finish us off. Why should I care what you do to me? If it meant rejoining Lord Jyscal and Lord Seymour...then your taking off my head would be the greatest kindness. "

When the party returns to Guadosalam, the Guado have all but given up. Since Seymour abandoned them at Gagazet, the Guado have become more hated than the Al Bhed, especially by the Ronso. Tromell feels the worst, taking all the blame for what Seymour did like the other Guado, and welcomes death as he has nothing to live for anymore.


Final Fantasy X-2

After the defeat of Sin and the coming of the Eternal Calm, the Guado barricaded themselves in Guadosalam until they decided to abandon their home and seek refuge in the Macalania Woods, intent on dying with the forest. Tromell was among them, still weighed by the guilt of his part in Seymour's genocide.

"We cannot ask that you forgive us... only that you forget us."

However, over time, Tromell encounters the forest Musicians and was soothed by their music. Refusing to let their brand of music fade with the woods, the Guado took them back to Guadosalam with them to live with them. Tromell is elected the new Guado leader, deciding to restore Guado relations with all of Spira, starting with the Ronso.

However, it is also possible, if Yuna does not stop the Ronso rebellion in Chapter 3, for the Guado to be slaughtered by Garik Ronso and the other Ronso who try to take their revenge.

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