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Trolls are full-bodied Muppets who appear in dance numbers on The Muppet Show.

The red-haired Troll first appeared as Rico in the "Copacabana" number in episode 414 opposite Liza Minnelli as Lola and a Mutation as Tony. He was joined by two more Trolls, one green-haired and one gray, in a dance number in episode 416. The three appeared as pirates in episode 507.

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

from in-game Character Generation screen
Troll Male
Troll Female
Race Information
Home Cities: Freeport
Neriak, City of Hate
Big Bend
Darklight Wood
Strength: 25
Agility: 18
Stamina: 30
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 17
Mental: 2
Heat: 0
Cold: 4
Magic: 1
Divine: 0
Poison: 3
Disease: 4


The trolls were the first race placed on Norrath by Cazic-Thule. They are nearly as tall as ogres but less bulky, with rough greenish skin and sinister features. Trolls will eat anything, cooked or uncooked, as long as it was (or still is) alive at some point. Trolls care only for satisfying their personal desires, which mostly revolve around a hunger for food and a lust for battle. While they are reviled by most other races, they would be even more dangerous if their intelligence wasn't so limited. Even so, their inherent savagery and selfishness combined with formidable strength make them deadly opponents. Built into the muck and mire of Innothule Swamp, the troll city of Grobb was a primitive, messy hovel. It was eventually conquered by their ancient rivals, the frogloks, who transformed the city into Gukta. The trolls sought refuge with their dark elf allies, falling even more under the control of the Teir'Dal.

Despite their limitations, trolls are not to be underestimated. A particularly savage clan made their home in Broken Skull Rock, filling their hearts with the doctrines of Hate. With Innoruuk as their new master, they stole an ancient artifact from Grobb, a stone etched with the prophecy of the Grozmok. Trolls continue to await the coming of the Grozmok, a mythical figure that will unite the tribes under the combined might of Fear and Hate.

Troll Traditions

Choose one of these every 10th level up to 80.
Name Effect Duration
Uncommon Insight Grants a level-dependent increase to WIS. Passive
Cazic's Enduring Hold Grants a level-dependent increase to STA. Passive
Adoration Increases Ministration by 5.0. Passive
Brainy Improves the casting speed of beneficial spells by 2%. Passive
Stubbornness Increases Parry, Defense, and Deflection by 5.0. Passive
Good Blocking Increases Deflection by 2.0 and Shield Effectiveness by 2.0%. Passive
Swamp Water Increases duration of tradeskilled drinks by 10%. Passive
Restore Increases out-of-combat power regeneration based on level. Passive
Bind Wound Heals for 2.0% of max health while out of combat. 2.0 sec casting, recast 1.0 sec.
Walk it Off Decreases falling damage by 15.0%. Passive
Maniacal Madness Increases mana pool by 3.0%. Passive
Basher's Will Increases health pool by 3.0%. Passive
Defy Magic Increases arcane mitigation based on level. Passive
Putrid Hide Increases physical mitigation based on level. Passive
More Glue Increases Durability per round by 2. Passive
Kruzz's Luck Increases Durability per round by 1.0 and success chance by 1.0%. Passive
Troll Gourmet Increases Artistry by 5.0. Passive
Mender of the Mire Increases Armorer success chance by 2.0% Passive
Rub the Mud Off Increases Artificing by 5.0. Passive
Innate Abilities
Ultravision Provides high contrast vision, but washes out color. 2 hrs., recast 2 sec.
Innothule's Blessing Increases out-of-combat health regeneration based on level. Passive
Ignore Terror Makes caster immune to Fear effects. 1.0 sec. casting, 5 min. recast, 20.0 sec. duration
Tasty Things Increases duration of tradeskilled food by 25%. Passive

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Troll may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

A Typical Troll

Trolls are large humanoid shaped creatures that are found in the Maguuma Jungle and the Southern Shiverpeaks. Trolls are known for their regenerative abilities (from which the skill Troll Unguent is derived) and great physical strength.

Unlike Mythical Trolls, the Trolls in Guild Wars do not shun the sun and are not turned to stone by the sunlight.

Region Type Collectable Drop
Prophecies Campaign
Kryta Warrior20 Fen Troll Ivory Troll Tusk
Maguuma Jungle Warrior/Ranger14, 18 Jungle Troll1 Jungle Troll Tusk
Southern Shiverpeaks Warrior24 Mountain Troll Mountain Troll Tusk
Eye of the North Expansion
Tarnished Coast Warrior/Ranger28 Bridge Troll
  1. Jungle Trolls are among the few mobs in Prophecies with skills from more than one profession.

For a list of all Trolls in Guild Wars, including bosses, see Category:Trolls.

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From Lostpedia

Vandalism is to Lostpedia, like virtually any website or board on the net, an ever-present problem. However, safeguards are in place--Lostpedia is a wiki, and edits need never be permanent, however big or small. Users should never feel too panicked or shocked when there is a troll on the site, as their edits can be quickly reversed and they themselves quickly banned.


Simple Reversions

Reverting text

If you just want to revert the last edit of something that doesn't belong, or simple one-page vandalism that is new, the process for reversion is as follows:

  1. Click the page's history tab
  2. Click the date link of the edit immediately preceding the vandal's edit (this will display the last appearance before vandalism occurred)
  3. Click the edit tab; the line WARNING: You are editing an out-of-date revision of this page. If you save it, any changes made since this revision will be lost. will be seen at the top
  4. Click save without making any edits, and in the summary field, type "reverting vandalism" or "rv" for short.

Generally, this method is much prefered over manual editing (trying to seek the exact words that were changed, and editing them back in by hand). Manual edits are tedious and can leave behind small bits of vandalism, which are harder to sort from proper edits later. If the edit is old and just a silly one-line joke that causes no real offense, you could simply remove the information, but always check the page history diff field to see what exactly the vandal changed first (keep in mind that when you revert to an out-of-date version, all edits after that are reverted, including good ones). Another useful tool to quickly ascertain what articles a vandal has affected is to hit the contribs link next to their name in Recent changes history.

In the case of reverting text due to disagreement (not obvious vandalism), we do not encourage back-and-forth "edit wars" here. If there is a point of controversy between two or more editors, use the talk page of the article (or one another's user talk pages) to try and resolve issues or come to a consensus/compromise first.

Reverting images

People often take the most offense when a vandal uploads inappropriate images. This can actually be easily reversed by clicking on the image and finding rev next to the last good version of the image. This will revert the picture to the appropriate one.

Please note it takes a few minutes for your browser to re-adjust to the image change, so if you revert an image and find its still there, odds are you’ve done nothing wrong, its your computer that’s simply being slow. You may also want to try clearing your browser's cache.

Extensive vandalism

If the vandalism is on multiple pages and more serious in nature, you should report the incidents to a SysOp immediately (via their user talk page or in IRC Chat), and on the whole let them deal with the reverts and delivering punishments or warnings. SysOps have the option of banning users, and rolling back vandalism with a single click, which stops the cycle very quickly and efficiently.

Whilst many users do try to help by reverting edits after a vandal attack, a common misconception is that you should engage in trying to revert vandal edits whilst the vandal is still on the site. This actually causes even more of a problem as it clogs the Recent changes list on the site with simple revert wars between yourself and the vandal. Although it seems like being helpless, the best thing for you to do is simply wait until either the vandal leaves, or a SysOp arrives and blocks the user. This method is much more productive and also denies the vandal attention, which encourages them to leave. It also makes automatic reversion of any mass vandalism with the SysOps' rollback tool much easier, because manual attempts at reversion need not be individually examined.

If you feel the vandalism is so extensive that something should be done immediately, then it’s a good idea to just focus on areas of importance. For instance, you could perhaps revert edits on our most important and popular articles, as well as revert changes to images which is a simple task of clicking a button. You can always leave changes to an obscure guest star whose page is rarely visited for a SysOp to clean up.

What to do if a vandal tries to provoke you

One should always remember to take the words of a troll with a pinch of salt. Whilst being angered by a statement they might target at you and feeling like you want to retaliate, just remember how pathetic this person’s life must be. When you consider this, you realise that there is absolutely no point giving them any kind of affirmation. At Lostpedia, we encourage you to ignore trolls completely, even if they leave personal attacks on your talk page. Simply place a calm message in a SysOp talk page requesting their ban and leave it at that. Should you find yourself very annoyed, just log out and take a breather (the beauty of the internet is that you can walk away from the virtual reality whenever you choose).

Should you have any more questions about what to do in the instance of vandalism, feel free to post questions in the discussion section of this article, or contact a SysOp / fellow editor.

See also

  • A definition of a SysOp
  • List of Lostpedia Administrators
  • Contacting SysOps via chat

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Troll disambiguation page.

A = Appearances · I = Images · G = Gallery · F = Fan Art · Q = Quotes

Disambig Template Help

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The term Troll can refer to a number of RuneScape creatures:

  • The Troll Race in general, or any of its subspecies;

Troll can also refer to an Internet Troll, a person who posts deliberately inflammatory messages on an internet discussion board.

This is a disambiguation page, distinguishing subjects with similar names.
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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

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Cin Drallig
Biographical information



19 BBY, Coruscant

Physical description




Hair color

Dark blond

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known masters


Known apprentices
"There is one lesson you've yet to learn. How to become one with the Force!"
―Cin Drallig to Darth Vader

Cin Drallig was a Jedi Master in the waning days of the Galactic Republic and a General during the Clone Wars.



Trained by Grand Master Yoda, Drallig was a legendary lightsaber instructor and battlemaster at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and his skills were impressive, to say the least. Though he was not a member of the Jedi High Council, his swordsmanship likely rivaled or exceeded that of several Council members. Other Jedi sometimes referred to him as "The Troll" in reference to his relentless training procedures and ferocious attack style.

Drallig instructed many Jedi in the art of lightsaber combat, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. However, Drallig trained Serra Keto as his favorite apprentice. He specialized in all forms of lightsaber combat except Form VII, though he seems to have maintained a good working knowledge of it as he was able to describe its strengths and weaknesses to his students. Drallig made his home deep within the Jedi Temple and gave himself over completely to the will of the Living Force.

Cin Drallig battles Darth Vader while Vader is force-choking Bene.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, his apprentice, Serra, was killed by Darth Vader during his raid on the Jedi Temple. Cin Drallig, good as his dueling skills may have been, was no match for Lord Vader. Drallig was later accompanied in the duel by two Padawans: Whie Malreaux and Bene. They were holding off the clone troopers in the Room of a Thousand Fountains while the younger Padawans fled the building. Then, Vader attacked them and first killed Whie, then Bene.

Drallig attacked Vader, but Vader managed to outmaneuver him and slashed through Master Drallig's shoulder. He then watched as the venerable Jedi Master dropped to the floor, dying. His murder was one of many witnessed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda over the security holograms in the temple. At the time of his murder, Drallig knew Vader as Anakin Skywalker, hero of the Republic.

When the Galactic Empire emerged, official records compiled by Sate Pestage stated that Drallig was killed fighting Imperial agents.

Powers and abilities

Cin Drallig

Cin Drallig was one of the Jedi Order's most powerful members. An exceptional Jedi Master, Drallig was most adept in lightsaber combat having been fully trained in all lightsaber combat forms except Form VII. In addition, Cin was also capable of hurling powerful spheres of concentrated Force energy at his opponents. Also, he seemed to frequently utilize Force Speed during combat, to great effect which people could not catch up with him in duels.

Behind the scenes

Cin Drallig was played in Revenge of the Sith by Nick Gillard, who was the stunt coordinator on all three films of the prequel trilogy, and a stuntman in A New Hope. In the Revenge of the Sith video game, the likeness of Nick Gillard is used in the character's appearance while, vocally, Cin Drallig is portrayed by Tom Kane.

The name "Cin Drallig" comes from reversing Nick Gillard's name, only removing the k in Nick.

Cin Drallig as portrayed in the ROTS video game

In the film, he is seen only briefly in a holographic recording, however, he has a larger role in the Revenge of the Sith video game. It is unknown if Cin Drallig was as much of a challenge for Darth Vader as depicted in the game since only a brief portion of the fight with Vader is shown.

As Kit Fisto's lightsaber hilt was a personal favorite of Nick Gillard, Cin Drallig's lightsaber hilt bears a resemblance to Fisto's. Based on behind the scenes materials, the lightsaber blade was originally to be rotoscoped in yellow. However, George Lucas would only allow either blue or green as the color of any regular Jedi's lightsaber blade. With the exception of Samuel L. Jackson's violet lightsaber blade he used as Mace Windu, Lucas would go no further with other colors. With no choice, Nick Gillard chose green instead; however, in a promotional image, which can be seen at the top of this article, Drallig is shown with a blue lightsaber.

In the Revenge of the Sith game, Anakin kills Cin Drallig by impaling him via a lightsaber throw. The duel also takes place in the training room above and on the terrace outside the room of a thousand fountains.

It is interesting to note that while in the movie, Drallig has dark blond hair, in the video game he is shown with white hair.


  • Labyrinth of Evil (First mentioned)
  • Republic Commando: Order 66 game (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (First appearance) (Appears in hologram)
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith comic (Appears in hologram)
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith game
  • Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader (Mentioned only)
  • Evasive Action: Recruitment (Mentioned only)
  • Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen (Mentioned only) (Appears in hologram)


Wookieepedia has a collection of quotes related to Cin Drallig.

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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the Humanoids class and has history.

50 Hit points
20 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: 290/290 (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-24).
Push Objects:
Est. Max. Damage: 25 hp per turn
Immune To: None.
Strong To: Holy (-10%), Energy (-25%)
Neutral To: Physical, Fire, Ice, Drown, Life Drain
Weak To: Death (+10%), Earth (+10%)
Sounds: "Hmmm, bugs"; "Hmmm, dogs"; "Grrr"; "Groar"; "Gruntz!".
Behavior: They run when they have 15 hit points or less left.
Field Notes: Many players prefer not to train on trolls since they run when they have low hp. However, since they drop spears some paladins may hunt them with spears in an attempt to raise their distance fighting skill.
Location: In many dungeons around Tibia like the troll cave in Thais, south of Carlin (out the east exit and down the hole), Island of Destiny, Edron Troll Cave, and in Ab'Dendriel. Also found in Rookgaard.
Strategy: They are fairly weak; just attack them. Take precautions if you're lower than about level 7 on Rookgaard when approaching them. You could find yourself getting killed with several hitting you at once.
Loot: 0-12 gp, Meat, Leather Boots, Leather Helmet, Rope, Bag, Spear, Hand Axe, Wooden Shield, Studded Club (semi-rare), Bunch of Troll Hair (rare), Silver Amulet (very rare). (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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