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This article is about the Galactic Alliance organization. You may be looking for another triumvirate.

The Triumvirate were the leaders of the Galactic Alliance during the Sith-Imperial War. It was a cabinet formed by three leading Alliance figures. However, they submitted to the Empire after the defeat and surrender of the Alliance defense force at the Battle of Caamas.

The Triumvirate leading the Alliance was a constitutional replacement for the position of the Chief of State. It was formed after a duumvirate that ruled the Galactic Alliance in 40 ABY. Within the Triumvirate, it took a majority of votes to make decisions and set policies, thus no single individual could hold direct power over the Armed Forces or Intelligence Service.[1]

As a condition of the peace, the Imperial regime of Roan Fel allowed the defeated Triumvirate to remain as viceroys governing the remains of Alliance Space, though the Triumvirs were replaced by loyal Imperial bureaucrats. Under the overlordship of Darth Krayt, the Triumvirs kept a little of their political power but were still treated as Imperial subjects. By 137 ABY, Gial Gahan, one of the former Triumvirs, remained at the Mon Calamari Shipyards, while secretly providing supplies and weapons to Admiral Gar Stazi and the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet.




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