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The Triumvirate were a group that existed within the Romulan Star Empire.

The term was used to refer to the three most powerful Romulans within the Star Empire namely the Empress, Praetor and the Proconsul. (VOY novel: Cloak and Dagger)

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Triumvirate is the first Star Trek is...-based story treatment to be written. It is considered by the author to be the first episode of the second season, with the first season episodes documented in the Star Trek is... pitch.




Captain's log, stardate 920.0. The Yorktown is docking with the Astral Queen. Its commander has stated that the passengers have requested transport aboard my vessel. He wishes to speak with me before going into any details.

April meets with Master Kirk of the Astral Queen, who carries a request from the newly entitled Ambassador Sarek.

Act One

After a discussion on Sarek's reasoning for using the Yorktown as transport, April joines Master Kirk at the Astral Queen's forward lounge. Kirk's near-"hero worship" catches April off-guard.

Act Two

A formal reception is held for Ambassador Sarek and his party on the Yorktown. Many people meet each other and we follow the various conversations and small talk. April, gaining more suspicious of Kirk, asks Skurpaj after the reception to inquire about Kirk's activities. Skurpaj finds what he needed and sent it to the doctor for analyzing. After the analysis, April hailes the Astral Queen, and formally requests a conference with Kirk on a "personal matter." Kirk powers up weapons and orders evasive actions.

Act Three

The crew of the Astral Queen mutiny and security from the Yorktown beam over to apprehend Kirk. April meets with Kirk in his ready room, and after a short discussion, Kirk angrily fights April, quickly gaining the upper ground and holding him clear above his head by his neck. April reminds Kirk of his familial obligations and he stops his assault. Afterwards, April meets with Skurpaj to tells him about April's confinement to quarters and about how April gained his strength (injections of Augment DNA). In the last scene, Kirk joins David McCoy and Ambassador Sarek in a card game, where they have a humorous exchange.

Memorable quotes

"What is the nature of your request?"
"Lieutenant, please. What is the... reason you are here?"

- Skurpaj and April, inquiring about Kirk's motives.

"Hmm. Well, anyways, is it true what they say about Deltans?"

- Kirk, commiserating with April.

"Really, you're having a child already?"
"Yes. My wife will give birth sometime between eight and thirteen months from now to my second child. The healer is unsure due to the fact that Vulcan-Human hybrids are rare."

-April and Sarek, discussing his upcoming fatherhood.

"How's the evening going?"
"Fine. Although the ship master has hit on my at least five times now."
"I bet he was mad when you turned him down. (pause) You did turn him down... right?"

-April and Number One, discussing Kirk's flirtations.

"You sure are a boy scout..."
"I'm not a boy scout."

-April and Kirk, right before Kirk attacks April.

"I find that very insulting."
"Sorry to hurt your feelings."

-Sarek and Kirk, at the card table in the rec room.

Background information

  • In the original posted version, George Kirk's name is erroneously mentioned as "George S. Kirk" instead of the intended "George Augustus Kirk."
  • The story features a George Kirk not in Starfleet, conflicting with both canon (Star Trek film) and non-canon (novel First Frontier) productions, as well as many fan productions.

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September 8, 2193 
George Augustus Kirk is born in Sloane, Idaho.
George Kirk last applies to Starfleet Academy.
George Kirk gains command of the Astral Queen.
Sarek was bestowed the title of Ambassador by Minister T'Lar, after the "incident" involving the Yorktown.
Events of the story.
The date Sarek is scheduled to complete his service as Vulcan Ambassador to Tellar Prime.


architecture; Astral Queen; augment; Axanar; boomer; Boy Scouts; Bozeman; Deltan; diplomatic aide; double jack; Earth Passenger Authority; El-Aurian; Federation Council; Ferengi; Grayson, Amanda; healer; hologram; Idaho; Kirk, George Samuel; master; Memory; Memory Alpha; Merchant Marines; minister; mutiny; Nausicaan; New Zealand; paternity leave; poker; prune juice; Romulan; Romulan War; Sloane; Spock; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet Academy entrance exam; steward; Surak; T'Lar; Tellar Prime; United Earth; United Federation of Planets; XCV class

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