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Type: Moon
Location: Sol system, Mutter's Spiral
Natives: Waro
Appearances: PDA: The Devil Goblins from Neptune

Triton was a moon that orbited the planet Neptune. It was originally a rogue planet until it was caught in Neptune's orbit.

Triton was a cold planet with a thin nitrogen atmosphere. It had frozen pink poles, volcanoes of ice and solid lakes. It was inhabited by the Waro. (PDA: The Devil Goblins from Neptune)

Although the nature of his connection to Triton was uncertain, the space pirate Baltazar is referred to as the "Corsair-King of Triton in the 40th century". (DW: The Infinite Quest)

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Full name: Triton
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Location: In orbit of Neptune
Dominant Species: Human

Triton is a moon in orbit of the planet Neptune located in the Sol system. (ST reference: Star Trek: Star Charts)

Triton had been colonized by Humans as some point prior to the 2260s. By this time, Triton was represented by a professional lacrosse team in an intersystem league. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

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Character Template Character Template
Real Name
Current Alias

Prince of the Sea



Poseidon (father), Amphitrite (mother), Rhode, Benthescyme (sisters), Hercules, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Hephaestus. Hermes, Dionysus, Helen, Eileithyia (cousins)


Base Of Operations
Unknown, possibly mobile






Marital Status

God of the tides


Place of Birth
Lake Tritonis in Libya

First appearance

Aquaman Annual Vol 5 #1



Triton is one of the Olympians worshiped as gods by the people of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The son of Poseidon, Triton claimed the seas as his divine territory. Though he shared an aspect of his father's power, he did not share Poseidon's temperament. He became particularly enraged when it became known that the people of Atlantis had more to fear from their monarch Orin than from Triton. This drove Triton to challenge Aquaman in one-on-one combat. In compliance with the rules of his station, Triton was obligated to inform Aquaman that he could only be defeated by the absence of faith in his divine power. This did not stop Aquaman however from fighting Triton tooth and nail and impaling his physical form on a sharpened piece of rock. Upon the death of Triton's physical shell, his father Poseidon appeared and collected his essence. Because he felt that no mortal being should ever play witness to the humiliation of a God, he struck Aquaman blind. [1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: As a god, Triton cannot be killed through conventional means. Though his physical shell may be dispelled, his essence will live on. The strength of his will is in direct proportion to the spiritual faith of those who worship him. The less people who worship the Gods, the weaker Triton's life essence becomes.

    Strength level






  • The Atlantean city of Tritonis is named for him.

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy V Enemy
Level HP MP
37 13,333 10,000
Strength Magic
55 20
Defense M. Defense Evasion
0 25 0
0 0
Japanese トライトン
Romaji Toraiton
RPGe Name Triton
PS Name Triton
GBA Name Triton
Location Great Sea Trench
Type Undead
Steal Elixir, Gold Needle
Item Dropped Iron Draft
Abilities Firaga, Flamethrower
Blue Magic Flamethrower
Control N/A
Catch N/A
Weak Against Ice
Immune to Nothing
Absorbs Fire
Status Immunity Mini, Toad, Berserk, Slow

Triton is a boss from Final Fantasy V, it appears alongside Nereid and Phobos when the player attempts to obtain the slab located in the Great Sea Trench.

Triton is the Fire-elemental member of the trio.


Similar to the Gargoyles, Triton, Nereid, and Phobos must be eliminated at the same time, failure to do so will cause them to revive and retort with Delta Attack. The battle can be won easily by using Odin against them. The Magic Lamp can even be recharged nearby.

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Like the other two bosses, Triton is named after a moon in the Solar System, specifically of the planet Neptune. The moon is further named after Triton, a Greek god who was the son of Poseidon (also known as Neptune) and the messenger of the deep sea.

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Outer Rim Territories[1]


Mayagil sector[1]


Triton system[1]


1: Triton[1]

Orbital position



3: Triton moons

Grid coordinates


Rotation period

18 standard hours[1]

Orbital period

285 local days[1]





Primary terrain


Native species


Primary language(s)

3 million[1]

  • 97% Tritonites[1]
  • 3% Others[1]
Major imports


Major exports


Triton was a small, almost lifeless planet in Mayagil sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was orbited by the Triton Moons. The moons were nefariously used by many in the the galaxy to describe a dead thing—as dead as a Triton moon, due to the ban of stimulants of any kind.[1]



A yellow desert world, Triton was an unremarkable planet besides its location at the choke of the several hyperspace routes. The moons of the planet were no more then checkpoints along the routes such as the Rimma on its way too the Sluis sector, Elrood and the Minos Cluster.


The Tritonites of this world developed a faith around the writings and teachings of the mysterious Gactimus. Travellers to the moons or the planet were required to tithe away money or possesions to Gactimus, and some spacers were forced to join the mysterious cult.

Behind the scenes

Triton is also the name of a real moon orbiting Neptune in the solar system.

While the moons are often used as an idiom for something dead and lifeless, one of the moons is home to the Tritonite species.


  • Star Wars: Rebellion (First appearance)
  • Deader than a Triton Moon
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back novelization (First mentioned)


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Triton is a Decepticon spy from the Generation One continuity family.
The Autobots are not very attentive, apparently.

Triton is a green and yellow Decepticon with red optics. He is a double agent in the 26th Century.



Marvel Comics (UK) continuity

In the 26th Century, Triton infiltrated the Autobot ranks for a period of ninety years, during which time he passed secrets back to the Decepticons.

In the year 2510, Triton was present when Rodimus Prime announced that the last remnants of the Decepticons had been destroyed. Unwilling to allow the Autobots to win the war, Triton objected to Springer being chosen as Rodimus Prime’s successor and instead put forward Ultra Magnus as a potential leader.

In the ensuing debate, Triton encouraged the Autobots to quarrel, until Scattershot killed Roadbuster after the latter threatened Triton’s life. Sandstorm, furious at Roadbuster’s death, killed Triton in revenge for causing all the trouble in the first place. Triton died as the Autobots dissolved into a new civil war. Peace


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