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Members No
Sound Yes
Requirements Started 2008 Hallowe'en event. Looked into Maggie's cauldron.

"Scare" redirects here. Not to be confused with the Scared emote.

A player doing the Trick emote.

Trick, known in the 2009 Christmas event as Scare, was the emote released with the 2008 Hallowe'en event. Upon using it, the player will lift his/her hands and bats will release. It is found by looking into Maggie's cauldron. Apart from this emote, you can additionally unlock the Zombie Hand and Scared emotes if you have not previously done so.

Trick was the first emote used in a holiday event. The 2008 Halloween Event required players to learn it, or they couldn't finish with the event. To get the candy for the witch, players would get a random choice of just getting the treat or having to perform a trick to scare the person handing out the candy. Without using the trick emote, players just say "Boo!" and they don't get any candy.


  • This is the first ever emote with sound in the free-to-play version of RuneScape.
  • When a player uses this emote while standing on the Grand Exchange platform it causes the bats to disappear on other players screen. (the same effect seems to happen wherever there are large masses of players)
  • This emote is similar to the magic attack of Dessous from the Desert Treasure quest.
  • On the day of the release, using the emote turned players' weapons upside down.
  • There is currently a minor and almost unnoticeable glitch with the Trick emote. When used with certain articles of clothing (for example, the Grim reaper hood and Skeleton shirt), when the player's head is leaning back, the headwear will keep a section of the torso in place, rather than leaning back with the upper half of the body. There is a possibility that this occurs with other clothing as well.
  • If you perform this emote right after the Give Thanks emote, while the player is still "gobbling," the bats will appear without the rest of the emote. (this is true for other players as well)
  • If one uses Trick, and then wears the Ring of stone, there will appear a stone with bats surrounding it. The same applies for the Easter ring.
  • If the player lights a log and then does this emote, the bats will surround him but he will just do the log lighting animation.
  • If the player uses this just before or while using shortcuts such as the underwall tunnel at the G.E. north-west of Varrock and than the bats appear (in this case) flying through the wall!
  • If a player clicks on an Easter Ring and quickly selects the emote tab and clicks on the Trick emote, the emote should play, except the players hands will not be thrown up. This glitch has not been fixed.
  • The emote received a hidden update on 7th October 2009, resulting in a much smoother emote. Noticeable changes includes bats flying at a slower speed upwards, and frame tweening. The bats' wings seem to flutter differently too.
  • If a player uses the Zombie Hand emote and, as the hand impacts the ground, uses the Trick emote, the bats will fly around them, but nothing else will happen. This glitch has not been fixed.
  • This emote is used in the 2009 Christmas event while scaring Ebenezer Scourge, even if you don't have it. You do not get it after using it, either.

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