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Tribal Power Armor
DR: 35
item HP: 1000
weight: 40
value: 740
effects: LK +1, ST +1, AG -1, AP +15, Melee Weapons +5
repair: T-45d Power Armor and variants
quests: Mill Worker achievement
base id: xx00b50f

Tribal Power Armor is a T-45d Power Armor found in The Pitt.



Through years of misuse, makeshift repairs with whatever materials available and constant use, it is a rusty, highly stylized suit of power armor. The left arm of the suit was replaced with the sleeve and glove of the Raider Iconoclast Armor, a brahmin skull substituted for the left pauldron and various bits and pieces of metal were used to patch holes in the structure of it.

It is aesthetically identical to Ashur's Power Armor. Everett notes this as being intended by the Armor's designers. Pitt natives came to see Ashur as a god, and made this set of armor to emulate the way their god looked. It was one of the original suits of Power Armor worn by the Brotherhood of Steel. While they are identical in design, their effects vary.

The following is a comparison of Ashur's Power Armor and the Tribal Power Armor.

Name DR Weight Effects
Tribal Power Armor 35 40 LK +1, ST +1, AG -1, AP +15, Melee +5
Ashur's Power Armor 40 45 LK +1, ST +1, AG -1, CH +1, Radiation Resistance +10

Because of the net gain in APs and Luck, this armor is suitable for Small Gunners as well as those who prefer melee in combination with V.A.T.S. In comparison, Ranger Battle Armor grants 5 AP, no Strength bonus, and a Small Guns boost that becomes obsolete when the Player skill is maxed.

However, Tribal Power Armor suffers a lower DR, and requires Power Armor Training. Marksmen who prefer Free Aim will benefit more from other types of Power Armor. For lower-level Small Gunners, Ranger Battle Armor can be used immediately, boosts your skill, and should have a lower Sneak penalty.


Main article: Mill Worker

It is granted to the player by Everett for finding all 100 Steel Ingots. He calls it the prize of his collection.


The Tribal Power Armor appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


  • While the Tribal Power Armor does subtract a single point of Agility, this only causes the player to lose two AP. Because of the armor's bonus of fifteen AP, this means a net gain in thirteen AP. This is, of course, assuming that the player has an Agility point to lose. Since the player cannot have 0 Agility, the full 15 AP will remain.
  • While Ashur's Power Armor uses the Raider Iconoclast Armor icon in the Pip-Boy menu, the Tribal Power Armor has an accurate icon which includes details such as the Brahmin Skull pauldron.
  • This body armor has the greatest increase for AP(15) so if you combine it with Ledoux's Hockey Mask(+25 AP) you will recieve +40 AP, if you add the use of Jet AND Ultrajet you can get up to +110 action points, this armor may the best choice for VATS based players. Combine all this with a Nuka-Cola Quantum and you have a bonus that deserves some respect.
  • However in terms of the previous statement, a player may wish to use Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor instead to gain an additional 3 DR while only losing 5 AP (3 technically because of the -1 agility)
  • For some reason, The Tribal Power Armor cannot be repaired by Outcast Power Armor while Ashur's Power Armor can.

Behind the scenes

  • It is most likely a reference to the steel-working industry of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's steel industry began in 1901 with the creation of the US Steel Corporation, some 32 years prior to the creation of the Pittsburgh Pirates, which were later renamed the "Steelers." The team was named in honor of the City's history, and Fallout most likely follows the same respects.


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