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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 51)
2,400 22,400
Elemental affinities
Varies Absorb Varies -
- Misses - -
Japanese トライエッジ
Romaji Toraiejji
Location Ultimecia Castle (Wine Cellar)
Scan A living weapon Ultimecia made out of a dragon. Fire or ice are its weak points, but they change when attacked.
HP Formula 400(Lv) + 2000
Mug None
Common Drop Rocket Engine
Rare Drop Rocket Engine
Draw Haste, Tornado, Blind, Siren
Card None
Taste None
Abilities Mega Spark, Onrush, Scan
Status Immunity
Other Information Tri-Point is very weak against either Fire or Ice. Once Tri-Point is hit with an element it is very weak against, it swaps weakness to the other element.
Flying enemy.

Tri-Point is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. Encountered in the Wine Cellar area, it is one of the Ultimecia's Eight Minions defeated to unlock the seals placed on the party.

In the English-language version of the game, Siren can be drawn from it if the player did not draw the GF from Elvoret.


Once the battle initiates the Boss will say:

This means that Tri-Point will counter with Mega Spark unless it is hit with an element that it is very weak against. To find out Tri-Point's weakness, the player must Scan Tri-Point first to know if its weak against either Fire or Ice. If it is weak against Fire, attack with Fire-based attacks, which prompts Tri-Point to be weak against Ice, of which then the player must attacks with an Ice-based attack. Alternatively, since Mega Spark is Thunder-elemental, if thunder spells are junctioned to the characters' Elem Def-J and attack normally, the resulting Mega Spark counter will be negated or absorbed by the characters.

If Tri-Point uses Scan on a target, the target will be hit with Onrush, an attack that ignores VIT.

Triple Triad

Image:TTTriPoint.png Level 7 (Boss Card) Element Thunder
Refine 40 refines into 1 Jet Engine
Drop N/A
Card Belhelmel, Torama
Win N/A

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