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The entrance to Treno.
"I've always wanted to see the marvelous architecture of Treno. I can hardly wait!"

The Dark City of Treno (眠らない街トレノ, Nemuranai Machi Toreno lit. Sleepless Town Treno), also known as Treno; the City of Nobles, is an economically polarized city in the eastern part of the Mist Continent on Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. There is no existent middle class in Treno; instead, all of its inhabitants are either extremely wealthy or extremely poor. The rich nobles live down on the waterfront, while the poor live up in the slums around the city. Treno is known as the Dark City due to the perpetual state of darkness in which it remains.

Treno is visited twice in the storyline of Final Fantasy IX, once in Disc 2 and once in Disc 3, and can be visited at anytime once you have the Hilda Garde III, the Invincible, or a Red Chocobo.



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In Disc 2, Dagger, along with Steiner and Marcus, are in Treno searching for Supersoft, an item known to cure all forms of petrification, in attempt to cure Blank of his petrification in the Evil Forest. Whilst searching for it in the Synthesis shop they meet Doctor Tot, Garnet's childhood tutor. Doctor Tot then reveals that he has the Supersoft and agrees to give it to Garnet. After visiting Doctor Tot's residence to pick up the Supersoft, he tells Garnet how to get back to Alexandria via Gargan Roo.

In Disc 3, Zidane goes to Treno, via Gargan Roo, to participate in the Tetra Master tournament. Vivi, Eiko, Freya, and Amarant come along too but for different reasons, such as sightseeing or simply having nothing better to do. We see what the other 4 characters do via ATEs. Vivi decides to visit Quan's Dwelling, his early childhood home and the home of his adopted Grandfather. Freya isn't seen in many ATEs, but when she is seen she is talking to Amarant about his past. Amarant wanders around Treno freely despite being wanted there. He tells Freya this is because he was framed by Zidane when he worked as a security guard in Treno, this explains why he has a grudge against Zidane. Eiko discovers Quina, whom the group hadn't seen since they were in Madain Sari, however, shortly afterwards Quina is seen jumping into deep water, apparently looking for food and is assumed to have died by an old man who witnessed the jump, Quina does not re-join the group properly until later on, in Lindblum. Gilgamesh makes an appearance here, he meets Amarant and flees from him, due to his reputation as a bandit. After seeing him talk to Eiko Gilgamesh believes he could hold her hostage in an attempt to get some money from Amarant. However, when he attempts to do so Eiko and Quina reunite and, believing Quina to be Eiko's bodyguard hired by Amarant, Gilgamesh flees yet again.

Once Zidane has finished the Tetra Master tournament, either by winning 3 games or losing 1, he and the others leave Treno and fly to Alexandria on the Hilda Garde II with Regent Cid after hearing of Kuja's attack on the city. After this, all future visits to Treno are optional.

Getting Around the City

The Auction House of Treno.

Fortified on all sides by impenetrable walls, navigating the city means braving the heights of such walls and bridges in the dark of the city's seemingly endless nights, although an alternative is to travel by boat across the water that the bridges cross.
Treno is home to a Card Stadium used for Tetra Master tournaments, Doctor Tot's residence, and an Auction House. It is also one of the locations linked by Gargan Roo.

Queen Stella, the woman collecting Stellazio coins is located in Treno by the synthesis shop. Also, if you throw 10 gil into the fountain by the entrance enough times, not only will "You feel happier...", but also acquire the Gemini Stellazio coin.

Treno also has a unique weapon shop, kept underneath it is a monster, or the weapon shop owner's 'pet'. When you talk to the saleswoman you can choose to fight this monster with a member of your party. If you manage to defeat the monster you receive an item, if you are defeated it does not count as a 'Game over', instead you are returned to the weapon shop and the defeated ally is left with 1HP. Each monster can only be fought once as you don't just beat the monster, you kill it. There are a total of 4 monsters that change at various times throughout the game, if you fail to defeat a monster before the next one appears you cannot fight the old one again. The monsters are a Griffin, which can be fought whilst you are in Treno in Disc 2, a Catoblepas which can be fought when you visit Treno in the storyline of Disc 3, an Amdusias which can be fought once you obtain the Hilda Garde III, and a Behemoth which can be fought in Disc 4.


(Disc 1/2)

  • Gemini
  • Taurus
  • Supersoft
  • Mythril Dagger
  • Power Belt
  • 15000 Gil
  • Running Shoes
  • Circlet
  • Hammer
  • Tonberry card
  • Yeti card
  • Namingway card

(Disc 3/4)

  • Doga's Artifact
  • Une's Mirror
  • Dark Matter
  • Burman Coffee
  • Anklet
  • Madain's Ring
  • Feather Boots
  • Mini-Cid
  • Griffin's Heart
  • Rat Tail
  • Chimera Armlet
  • Rebirth Ring
  • Magical Fingertip

NOTE: The hammer is the prize for getting all 13 Stellazios.



Treno Synthesis Shop (Disk 2)

Item Price (gil) Components
Butterfly Sword 300 Dagger, Mage Masher
The Ogre 700 Mage Masher, Mage Masher
Cotton Robe 1000 Wrist, Steepled Hat
Desert Boots 300 Leather Hat, Leather Shirt
Yellow Scarf 400 Feather Hat, Steepled Hat
Glass Buckle 500 Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 Desert Boots, Fork
Cachusha 1000 Magus Hat, Rubber Helm
Coral Ring 1200 Lightning Staff, Rod
Gold Choker 1300 Linen Cuirass, Soft

Treno Synthesis Shop (Disc 3/4)

Item Price (gil) Components
The Ogre 700 Mage Masher, Mage Masher
Exploda 1000 Mage Masher, Mythril Dagger
Rune Tooth 2000 Mythril Dagger, Mythril Dagger
Angel Bless 9000 Mythril Dagger, Gladius
Cotton Robe 1000 Wrist, Steepled Hat
Silk Robe 2000 Silk Shirt, Bandana
Magician Robe 3000 Mage Staff, Magician Cloak
Desert Boots 300 Leather Hat, Leather Shirt
Yellow Scarf 400 Feather Hat, Steepled Hat
Glass Buckle 500 Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 Desert Boots, Fork
Cachusha 1000 Magus Hat, Rubber Helm
Coral Ring 1200 Lightning Staff, Rod
Gold Choker 1300 Linen Cuirass, Soft
Magician Shoes 1500 Germinas Boots, Bone wrist
Barette 1800 Needle Fork, Barbut
Power Belt 2000 Glass Buckle, Chain Mail
Madain's Ring 3000 Bone Wrist, Stardust Rod
Fairy Earings 3200 Magic Armlet, Soft
Extension 3500 Lamia's Tiara, Multina Racket
Reflect Ring 7000 Anklet, Madain's Ring
Anklet 4000 Gold Choker, Peridot
Feather Boots 4000 Magician Shoes, Phoenix Pinion
Black Belt 4000 Twist Headband, Suvival Belt
Cotton Robe 5000 Moonstone, Elixer

Weapons & Armor Shop (Disk 2)

Item Price (gil)
Dagger 320
Mage Masher 500
Mythril Dagger 950
Mythril Sword 1300
Mythril Spear 1100
Air Racket 400
Mythril Rod 560
Flame Staff 1100
Ice Staff 980
Lightning Staff 1200
Fork 1100
Needle Fork 3100
Leather Wrist 200
Glass Armlet 250
Bone Wrist 330
Mythril Gloves 980
Bandana 500
Barbut 600
Silk Shirt 400
Leather Plate 530
Bronze Vest 670
Chain Plate 810
Linen Cuirass 800
Chain Mail 1200

Weapons & Armor Shop (Disk 3/4)

Item Price (gil)
Dagger 320
Mage Masher 500
Mythril Dagger 950
Gladius 2300
Ice Brand 3780
Coral Sword 4000
Partisan 1600
Ice Lance 2430
Cat's Claws 4000
Poison Knuckles 5000
Multina Racket 750
Stardust Rod 760
Healing Rod 1770
Lamia's Flute 3800
Oak Staff 2400
Magic Armlet 1000
Mythril Gloves 980
Thunder Gloves 1200
Lamia's Tiara 800
Ritual Hat 1000
Twist Headband 1200
Mythril Helm 1000
Gold Helm 1800
Magician Cloak 1850
Survival Vest 2900
Brigandine 4300
Linen Cuirass 800
Mythril Armor 1830
Plate Mail 2320

Doug's Item Shop (Disc 2)

Item Price (gil)
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drop 50
Tent 800

Doug's Item Shop (Disc 3/4)

Item Price (gil)
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 200
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drop 50
Remedy 50
Annoyntment 50
Tent 800


  • The family names of the mansion owners: Knight (weapon shop), Bishop (synthesis shop), Queen (Queen Stella), and King (auction house), is also the same names of the pieces in the game Chess

Musical Themes

"Sleepless City Treno"
Trouble with the audio sample?

The music that plays in Treno is called "Sleepless City Treno".

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